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Monday, October 6, 2008

Tutorial: Autumn Leaves Eyes

My dear friend Ai asked me if I can do tutorial on how I apply my eye shadow, I asked her to choose colors and she picked yellow & orange : ) I decided to combine it with brown since it's Fall and I want to create a nice look inspired by the scene of beautiful Autumn.

I used NYX Yogurt as a color base all over lid, NYX Golden Poppy on inner lid, 96 Ebay Palette Oranges on lid & Dark Brown on outter corner, Taylor Made Minerals Crook on crease, NYX Aloha to highlight brow bone, Prestige Brown Liquid Eyeliner on upper & lower lashline, and NYX Doll Eye Lash Out mascara on lashes.

Basically you can use whatever yellow, orange, and brown colors, because all these colors are in the same family and what I am trying to create here is a gradual colors from light to dark.

Now, here are step by step directions:

Apply any eyeshadow base on clean & bare eye, I used L'oreal De-crease, and blend it all over including brow bone & under eye. Wait until it;s completely dry.

To make the color pops, apply Yogurt all over the lid. Use sparingly to prevent crease-ville =P

Using a small brush, spread it out evenly, wait til it's dry.

It should look like this.

Dab Golden Poppy on inner lid and inner lower line to make eyes look more alive.

This is what you get.

Take a khaki orange color

Apply on middle lid, and blend using side-to-side motion.

This is what you should have.

Now onto the WOWZA orange color hehehe

Apply it on the outter part of the lid and blend.

Now take the Dark Brown color with small angled brush

Make the 'V' shape on outter lid up to the crease

Blend it upwards following your natural brow bone shape

This is optional, but I like to deepen my crease so I took a darker brown color (Crook) using a blending brush and apply it JUST on my crease.

Take Aloha to highlight using a big fluffy brush, and blend with the dark brown color.
BLEND BLEND and BLEND the heck of it !!! =P

Apply Brown eyeliner on upper & lower lash line, and this is what you should have

With curled eyelashes & 2 coats of NYX Doll Eye Lash Out mascara to complete the look.

On natural lighting:

HTH : )


Nic Nic said...

this is soo pretty! love the gold-brown hues!

Askmewhats said...

I so love this Nanzy!!! Thanks for the wonderful tut! :) I'm sure this helps so much!

Tracy said...

Great tutorial! I love the colors. Very autumn-esque.

Lily said...

love the colors! definitely great for the fall!

Ai said...

bibiiiii trimakasih yaaa.. i'll try it and show it to you! :D

melur said...

wow great job!