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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SDE Sale & Rain of Orders

Skindecent (SDE) is having an anniversary sale until October 10, this Canadian based company has been known by its delicious blend and top notch product, I have heard so many rave about them, scent wise & product performance wise, especially from my B&B addict friend, Ana.

She resides in Jakarta and shipping from Canada could kill her..but she loves it so much, she just kept ordering. It made me wonder if that's really worth the price & waiting (Oh I know Post mail back home is ridiculously slow, sometime they lose stuffs too T_T)

So when I heard SDE is having a shipping sale, I went ballistic & just had to order some raved products & scents.

I ordered:
* Soft as Silk Lotion: Celebration
* 1 oz Dry Oil Spray: Pink Ambrosia
* Eau de Parfum Purse Pack
- Scent 1: Cake Batter
- Scent 2: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
- Scent 3: Sweet Tooth

the shipping costs me $4.74 whereas normally it's more than $9.00, so the shipping sale is 50% off!!!

If anyone's interested, the recommended products are:

  • Dry Oil Spray
  • EDP
  • Dream Cloud Body Mousse
  • Whipped Moisture Cream
  • Satin Sensations Body Butter
  • Body Elixir
  • Conditioner
  • Scrubs

Yeah, I've been a bad bad bath & body product addiction has grown violently and besides SDE, I am also waiting for some orders coming my way from

1. Isle of Eden : my Halloween order since August...yup, it's been 2 months! >.< holy mother of long TAT ! I ordered Halloween Frosting Sugar Scrub & Her Name Was Lola Dream Cream.

2. Earthen Treasure : quite large order I made on mid September, the site is currently closed due to long TAT, I'm hoping to get my order ready within a week tho. I have Firefly, Macintosh Apple, Misbehavin', Blackberry Musk, Thai-tini, Coconut Creme Cake, Granny's Pumpkin Pie, Cake Batter, and Irish Mocha on my way : )

3. Cleanse Your Soul : since my She Walks in Beauty roll on from previous order leaked out, Judy insisted to replace it and I asked for another scent instead (Pumpkin Whipped Cream) while ordering another Caramel Apple 3 in 1.

4. Bissy's Boutique : yup, I ordered another Boo Bag, can't wait & very anxious ; )

5. Valerie's Uncommon Scents : Ebay store, I ordered Dark Chocolate 3 in1 and fragrance oils in Cake Batter Ice Cream, Raspberry Cream Cupcake, Waffle Cone, and White Truffle Raspberry.

6. Skindecent : see above : ) oh, I asked for free samples and I got to choose the scent, so I chose Fruity Marshmallow, Eggnog Cupcake, and Fresh Waffle Cone.

7. Swaps : I'll be getting BITP Winter Candy Apple, GAP Dream-more, B&BW Temptation 3 in 1 in Cinnamon Bun Heaven, Sugar Wafer & Crazy Caramel Corn.

Hmmm...I think I should declare my no-buy flag for now. Should I?


Ai said...

uuuhhh thats lotta of buuuuy! hohohoho i envy u girl :)

Lily said...

holy moly i can't believe you're still waiting for the isle of eden stuff!!! talk about a long TAT!