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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swap & Raok Haul : )

Today's RAOK day!

I got 2 package, one I've been waiting for but the other one surprised me because I know they were just shipped last Monday. I've never had anything arrived in 2 days before! LOL

First it was swap from, I sent out my Bath & Infused (BI) Peach Hyacinth and in return I got other stuffs from BI:

  • Berry Bliss Cake Body Mist: smells delicious & exactly like BITP Berry Bundt Cake Perfume roll on, so if anyone wanna swap with my roll on, lemme know
  • Crepes Suzette: The real fashionista of the group; she's always on top of the latest fashion trends. Pancakes with oranges & caramelized sugar, flambeed with Grand Marnier and toped with whipped cream This one smells so foody & yummy. I can't believe a pancake scent could be so realistic. I can even smell the butter in it! I love how it's not just sweet, it also has fruity scent, the orange & berry (I think it's from the wine lol) really comes out as a 2nd layer & makes the fragrance very unique. This one's a keeper, and I'm glad I got the lotion AND the EDP spray.
and she gave me freebies !!!! BI Bath whip sample (Bali) and The Herb Garden-HGC Silk Perfume (Boat Drinks)
  • Bali (from Vacation edition): An island with cozy bungalows and beautiful beaches, our combination of creamy vanilla, pineapple, coconut milk and sweet figs creates a scent that evokes this tropical paradise. To me it the smell is kinda subtle, the coconut and fig are stronger than pineapple &'s very relaxing. I miss Bali btw :)
  • Boat Drinks: “Waitress, we need two more boat drinks!” A mix of mango, coconut and pineapple rolled into one sweet scent. Men and women both go crazy for this scent. It's one you won't want to miss! Wow this one is very tropical. I love the coconut & mango blend and this HGC version is out of this world.
This is my 1st swap & I'm so happy I wasn't swap-lifted or anything, and I was lucky to meet an awesome swapper, but I've met her many times in the forum and she's got 100% positive tokens, so it's not that I was worried or anything.

Another package that surprised me is from Tammy, she had a contest and I won! Hmmm maybe I should try buy lottery or something, I've been winning some random stuffs in the last couple of weeks LOL

anyway, I won a Stila Kitten eyeshadow and I was so happy coz I've never had any Stila products. I heard the eyeshadow has awesome quality, soft texture & vibrant colors. She said she'd send out on Monday so I was really surprised they got here today. 2 days!!! holy crap! that's lightning!

Look at those lovely package, she also sent me a very cute card.

I KNOW !!! I'm supposed to get 1 eyeshadow, but look at those. She gave me extras makeup brushes (travel sizes, woo-hoo!), DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Coenzyme Q10 Cream sample. Gosh, thanx Tammy, I really appreciate it!

Kitten eyeshadow is super prettay,

The color is shimmery opaque champagne with a slight pink undertones, this would make an awesome lid color or even highlight (since I have darker skin tone).
oh, and the pan is huuuuuuuuuuge! zomg, it's heavy too hahaha

Thanks Kristy & Tammy, you guys are awesome.


Askmewhats said...

wow for the swap and super wow for winning! congratulations! I have heard so much raves about the stila kitten shadow! enjoy using it!!!!

Jnie said...

I've heard so much love for the Stila Kitten but have yet to try it. Enjoy your goodies.

Ai said...

i'm hereeeeeeeeee! yesterday was quite a blah so i didn't have time to go online :( and no, i will NEVER click the link to the video. LOL hey i love the Stila, it's really good and pls pls try the DHC deep cleansing oil and tell me tell me tell me!!

arigatskiiiiii :)

Tammy said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your goodies..I wasn't sure how long it would take you to get your things so I paid the extra 50 cents to get it to you in 2