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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haul: CYS & WBO

Man, my room smells like bakery.

I just got 2 package in the mail today! Not big but awesome enough to make me forget my annoying monthly stomachache >.<

Cleanse Your Soul (CYS)

Oh my god, I am so impressed by this company, fast shipping, awesome customer service and great great great products. Many rave about CYS scents all over forum so I had to prove it myself, and my oh my, was I floored.

I ordered:

  • Creamy Oil (Cranberry Sprite Cake)
  • Creamy Oil (Cuddle)
  • Body Milk (Yellow Marshmallow Cream Cake)
  • Aloe Smooth Lotion (State Fair Delights)
  • Roll On (She Walks In Beauty)

Scent Reviews:
  • Cranberry Sprite Cake - lovely sweet tart, with angel food cake. Funny how I can almost detect the sprite scent, it's definitely there but still very light at least for now (will set it aside)
  • Cuddle - very vanilla orange and a slight coconut in the background. One of my favorite.
  • Yellow Marshmallow Cream Cake - the lightest scent for my nose, it's a true cake scent with yummy frosting, not too sweet. I can smell the butter, whipped cream and sugar in it.
  • State Fair Delights - mmmm! awesome blend of cotton candy, cake and pink lemonade.
  • She Walks in Beauty - first sniff I got Black Cherries, I normally hate cherries but this one is tolerable, then I start getting lotsa whipped cream, angel food cake and cotton candy. This one's very nice.

Product Reviews:
  • Creamy Oil: it's not oily, the consistency is like a light lotion but more runny, it sinks in quick and moisturizing. Love this.
  • Body Milk: a little bit thicker than Creamy Oil, feels really good on my skin.
  • Aloe Smooth Lotion: clear, cooling, and sinks really fast...awesome.
  • Roll-on: good staying power, I just wished they have better bottle because mine leaked a little bit so I had to re-stick the label.
So far my favorite would be Cuddle and She Walks in Beauty, I can't stop sniffing them : ) If you're interested, here's their link: CleanseYourSoul

Wholesale Body Oils

I just saved $400 on perfumes !

I got a great deal buying fragrance oil samples to make my own spray, this company has an awesome offer for 1st time customer to choose 5 scents (1 dram each) and you'll only have to pay $5.95 including shipping! Now let me tell you, this deal is so worth it because the dram is big and the quality of the oil is AWESOME. They smell just like the original fragrance.

You have to click on their Sample 1 Dram Fragrance page here and follow the instruction, they will revise your shipping fees after you made the order.

I got:Viva La Juicy
Ed Hardy
Chloe Narcisse
Lolita Lempicka

I love everything, especially Ed Hardy, Lolita Lempicka and Viva La Juicy. Ed Hardy is probably my favorite ^_^ Here's their link: Wholesalebodyoils


Ai said...

sniff sniff! i gotta try that! oh nooooo LOL

Askmewhats said...

wow, You've got a whole lot of stuffs i've never heard or seen before! I want to sniff too!!!

Ruby said...

I'm really wanting the lolita lempicka oil, cos it's my signature scent and I really don't want to pay $50 some bucks everytime I run out xD. One question, can you apply it directly on your skin like a perfume?

Nanzy said...

^_^ Ruby, I left you a comment @ your blog.

Your favorite ho said...

omg...filling my cart full of yummy smells right now...awesome. Thanks!

Ruby said...

I would love the measurements!
I'm confused...if I order on that site with paypal, won't it just automatically take the $11 from my bank?
How did the ordering process go for you?

Ruby said...

Thank you muchly!

The Paraben Free Princess said...

What do you mix with the oils to make your own spray? Alcohol, Vodka, Witch Hazel?

Leony said...

Wakz bikin lemming ge nambah nih.
Bagus yah productnya? Thanks for the pic and reviews girl!

Anonymous said...

how do u use those on ur body??

please reply here as ill come back to check the replies :)

Nanzy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I mix the fragrance oil with vodka & distilled water, the ratio depends on how big the bottle is, let me know if you need help with measurements.