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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Isle of Eden Free Shipping & Halloween Sale!

Isle of Eden Bath & Body Company is offering FREE SHIPPING on domestic order and 31% off SALE, use code: Spook31 during checkout :)

The free shipping offer ends on Sept 2nd so make sure you don't miss it!

They are having a ginormous selections for Halloween & some new scents that make my mouth waters.

The most famous products are their Double Whipped Sugar Scrub and Bath Frosting Super Whipped Bath Cream (based on everyone who's tried) and their Dream Cream is also a must-have.

I'm planning to try 2 of these scents:

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!™
-->You'll smell it all! Pink cotton candy, funnel cake, and delicious candied red apple! Our
#1 best seller of all time!

Crème de Halloween
-->A Halloween milkshake that is sure to bring out your inner ghost! Vanilla milkshake with vanilla beans galore, loads of candy corn, spun sugar, and a huge scoop of ghostly dreamsicle ice cream. (sprinkled with sugar, sugar, and more sugar)

Her Name was Lola
-->If you're a fan of *real* Italian blood orange scents, then we think you're going to adore this! We start with our true-to-life Italian blood orange, add creamy vanilla-infused coconut milk, and finish it all off with tangy sweet orange. Tropical decadence!

Halloween Frosting
-->It's the one night of the year that you're allowed to indulge your sweet tooth to the fullest extent, so whip up a batch of fluffy Halloween frosting. Blend creamy candy corn frosting with sugary orange cotton candy and eat with a spoon! It'll give you sweet chills of delight!

Look at those pretty scrubs, don't you just wanna scoop..scoop and eat them?


DyahAlit said...

looks more! LOL so have u decided yet which of the 2? or you're gonna try 'em all? hohoho it's christmas again for YOU!

Askmewhats said...

you know what? when it is TIME that you blog about real food, I would think of it as bath and body products! LOL

Lily said...

i wonder if they're going to make any for thanksgiving. i loooooove pumpkin scented things!

Tanya Annette said...

I swear I can't look at your always makes me want to eat cookies and cupcakes (not like that's a bad thing or anything, heh) :D

Nanzy said...

hehehe yeah I did, I chose Her Name Was Lola (DREAM CREAM) and Halloween Frosting (WHIPPED SUGAR SCRUB)

Hahahahahahhahahahaha don't get it twisted, hon!

They have pumpkin collections now under Halloween 08 section :)

Hehehehe me too, those scrubs look edible...*shruds*

christy. said...

O__________O they look soo ... good. i just want to stuff my face with it XD