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Thursday, August 28, 2008

GAP & Old Navy Haul

Yes....another one.

Spank me, will you?

I've been bad this month, but to defend myself, this haul was from the FREE SHIPPING offer I found a while back, plus GAP had 25% discount on their fragrances, so hey, I just had to.

(not the first time hearing the excuse? yeah..I need to come out with a new excuse line already LOL)

The package came with FedEx and I've never had FedEx courier before, I have to say they are CUTE !!! There were 2 of them and they're both young & fit o.O

..............................ok I don't have a thing for mail man, it's just ever since I'm doing online shopping, I always look forward to see them every day.

Maybe I don't believe in Romeo's and heroes anymore. LOL

The fragrances and the green slipah'. My friend Ai loves this kind of green, so I'm sure she'd steal it if she was around bahahaha

The Peace Train bottle is HUMONGOUS and it's heavy. I don't think I'll travel with it, but the scent is ohmaigod, so relaxing. I believe it's the lavender, but normally I don't really fancy straight Lavender note, so this one must have been blended.

I'm glad I bought it, for an 8 bucks I think it's totally worth it.

Sugar Snap I haven't tried it but I know I like it, coz it's the one I was trying on at the store ^_^

I dunno about you but I'm really digging the bottles, aren't they cute?

Yesterday after my huge haul I decided to re-arrange my cabinet where I put lotions & fragrances coz I mixed them with other crap such as light bulb & tooth paste.

I know, wtf right?

so I just had to, and I'll be getting more stuffs so I figured, hey, sooner's better.

My Sanctuary

I know, I know, it's not much but YOU'LL SEE ! Ha.

heheheh just joking, yeah I have 3 self-tanning lotion which I never use, I got dark right after I step out of the house so meh~

They work tho'...I've tried them : )

The 2 bottles on the right with white caps are my MIY perfume using alcohol, water & fragrance oil, they smell lovely and I'm planning to make some more...

hmmmm NYEHEHEHEHEH *Frankenstein laugh*


DyahAlit said...

you are so RIGHT.. i'd totally steal it!!!! meh meh!! gimme those!!

Tracy said...

Nice haul and B&B collection!

Maybe next time, you should take pictures of the delivery guys. LoL.

Askmewhats said...

I love your Sanctuary! :)

LadyJane said...

I always have excuses to shop :) Your haul is not a big one, so it's okay hehe. The Jergens tanning lotion works really well on me. I've been using the brand for a couple years to maintain my tan. Too lazy to hit up the tanning salon.

gio said...

Nice haul and collection!