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Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye Candy Contest !

It's late, I know x) but I thought it's fun and I love reading everyone's entry.

Aside from drool-worthy-God's creations, hawt slurpie men display I can enjoy with my evening tea (no I'm not English), it's a good chance to guess the person's type.

It brings me back to my question I asked my 1st bf, "So, what's your type of women?", and he answered "Boobs and 2 legs"......... -_-'

Lmao, honestly I didn't know if he was joking or not, but men can be that simple.

I always know I like tall guys *my exes & current bf are all above 6'0''* .
In my mind a man has to be protecting therefore he NEEDS to be taller.
I also like men with nice eyes, big hands and good voice.

Don't ask LOL

Ok so here's my Top 5 Lads:

1. Jason Momoa -------> If you're a fan of Baywatch Hawaii you must know why I went ga-ga over this guy. First, look at his eyes. If your tiny little heart isn't pierced by his glance, then there's something wrong with'cha. Second, his tan skin and deep sexy voice always makes my knees feels like jelly. Plus, he rescues people! I swear if he hangs out at my beach I'd pass out & drown any day. Bwahaha.

2. Jon Johnson -------> He's the winner of Manhunt, a search for the most beautiful male model show hosted by Bravo couple years ago. I remember watching him every week and stared at his abs. I mean, LOOK AT THEM ABS !!! (yes it was a naked photoshoot o.O)

Sometimes if I see a male model I have this "Hmm he's cute but he might be gay" thought but this guy is 101% straight, and he's not too 'pretty'.

3. Kobe Bryant -------> He's charming, an awesome player and got great smile : )
What's not to love?

4. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson -------> I definitely smelled what he was cooking! Love his crew cuts, I love his structure, I absolutely adore his gentle side and the fact that he's not afraid to go out of his comfort zone (being a flaming gay bootlegger in Be Smart is just one example)

5. Tora Sudiro -------> He's an Indonesian actor and OMG he's hilarious. He's been anything you could think of, a retard, gay, woman, drug-addict, anything! And he's so yummy ;P
Funny guys are sexy schmexy!

Ohhh it's getting hot in here, so I need my cold shower now...



christy. said...

dayumm.. that naked guy picture @_________@

i also think the rock is HOT :D

Tracy said...

Jason Momoa was the very reason why I watched Baywatch Hawaii. :D

DyahAlit said...

be careful.. 101% straight? hmmm he could be gay LOL uuuh i love tora sudiro!