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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huge Haul (Pic Heavy!)

Hello mi ladies.....

Today's Christmas day for me :D minus the snow, pine trees & eggnogs, of course...

My mail man brought me 3 huge box! He said "Umm, mam...I think these all yours. Happy Birthday?" LOL I only smiled and say "No, just a Happy DAY" bahaha

Let's start shall we?

Little Black Box

Remember when I won a contest from Weird Stuff In My Desk? I won a voucher from Little Black Box, but Kim, the owner, mailed me saying she'll just send the August Box once it's out and I couldn't be happier!

The "Little" Black Box. Or Baggy.

What's Inside:
(yes, you're not dreaming, it's Obama LOL)

Yummy Cuppy Crafts:
I got the cupcake party wrapper, it's so pretty, made from a sturdy craft paper.

Tialey Vintage:
I got Charley's Angels!!! nah...I got shiny black picture frame, not bad but I was kinda confused since Tialey Vintage sells clothes, SUPER CUTE VINTAGE CLOTHES ! and I got $5 coupons! Woo Hoo !!!

Namaste Designs:
I got a pair of wood dangling earrings, very pretty!!! I got a Free Shipping code for my next purchase over $10 ...

Always Amy:
Look at those Hippos earrings! so cute...

Promos in a Snap:
This lovely round mirrors has a fabric cover (you can see the texture if look closely).

Soap Sushi:
It may looks funny but the sample soap has a Pirate's Booty coins shape and it smells like bubblegum! Oh so lovely...

Shannon's Room:
Cute pair of paridot earrings : )

Sassy Cat:
I got 2 cute gift hang tags saying "Happy Birthday!" & "It's a Boy", 2 stickers and a cool design magnet (black looks great with pink ^_^) A 15% coupon code is also included YAY.

Gallery 32:
This digital paintings store gave me 1 lovely design card and a cool Red Spring Buds photo.

The Melting Pot Candle:
Winter Candy Apple Soy tart, smells OMG, so nice, when I opened the bag I noticed a very fresh apple scent and turned out to be this cute red heart tart. I can't get over the smell, I am still sniffing it while typing LOL

Terri Taylor Design:
A recipe cards saying "Bite Me" hahahah this one's awesome! I also got a 20% off coupon for my 1st purchase :D

Spirit of Silver:
Oh my god, these silver dangling earrings look so chic, it's simple yet sophisticated.

Art by Nakisha:
I got 2 blank Christmas cards, she has a bunny theme going on at her store and they are so beautiful, somehow the design reminds me of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter :)

Starlight Jewelry:
I got this adorable silver butterfly pendant in a cute black box, I love this one the most.

I also got 2 other stuffs from Hippie Dippy Designs (2 corner bookmarks & upcycled gift mark envelopes) and Memories and Dreams, (Obama's picture LOL)

Overall I'm very pleased with the LBB, if you're interested on purchasing a box, you can go to their site and order one for September box, you can see what e-tailers will participate and each box costs $23.

Earthen Treasure

I first heard the company when I was watching a youtube video about fragrances and this one girl mentioned about this particular dry oil mist of designer dupe scent from Earthen Treasure and she said it smells FANTABULOUS, just like the original.

I got curious and did some search on my Google master : ) Surprisingly I read many awesome reviews on Makeupalley . So I visited their site and WoOoW they got awesome selections and their prices are cheap-o!

I made an order from ET on August 9th during their 15% sale and their TAT (turn around time) was 11 days, my order was ready to ship on August 22nd so it's not bad.


  • 2 oz Fluffy Stuff - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Type
  • Purse Size Moisturizing Body Mist - Moschino I Love Love Type
  • Purse Size Moisturizing Body Mist - J.Lo Live Luxe Type
  • 1 oz Moisturizing Body Yogurt - Hanae Mori Butterflies Type
  • 1 oz Honey & Shea Hand and Body Lotion - Valentino Rock 'n Rose Type
I sniffed everything and they all smell great. I've only smelled the real perfume of Coco Mademoiselle & Butterfly, and let me tell you, the ET version smells just like them. Dead freakin' on!

I also got a free solid perfume of Ralph Lauren dupe of Romance & it smells so nice, a blend of Jasmine, Melon. Rose, Musk and Woods.

Ohhhh I love ET products, I will definitely repurchase.

Edit: I used the Coco Mademoiselle lotion on my hand, after couple of hours I washed my hands with soap, but now I can still smell the Coco Mademoiselle!!! OMG awesome staying power!

Because I'm The Princess

Who doesn't love BITP?

This is my 2nd order and Kelly never disappoints me with her awesome blend and quick TAT. She's a doll, replied every single mail I sent and answered me in details.

The TA-DAH lovely goodies:

What's inside:

This is the first time I ordered her Sugar Scrub, and everyone has been raving about how nice the structure is and it's moisturizing without leaving an oily feeling. So I had to try, and I asked her to split a Toasted Marshmallow with Vanilla Bean Noel.

I also asked for 2 colors (Pink and Purple) ;P

Cute sprinkle on top !

The scrub smells so delicious, I wanted to eat it. I'll let it cure for a week so it gets stronger & the FO would blend nicely.

I also ordered Aloe Body Mist in Daisy (Marc Jacob type) and Candy Corn Cheesecake Body Lotion:

Both smell lovely, Daisy is another awesome dupe, smells just like the real ones. Candy corn cheesecake reminds me of Halloween, a sweet graham crust with cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla and almond. Yum.

Mini Jewels:

Amour de Noel (leaked a little bit but nothing wrong with it, smells so yum, choco & vanilla), Sweet Satisfaction (a blend of many cakes note, I slightly notice a coffee note, very yummy and nice for Fall nights), Orange Juice Cake (really fresh, now I can only get the orange scent but I'm sure the cake note will come out after some time), Cousin's Bud Breakfast Biscuit (omaigod, very true biscuit fresh from the oven scent, with blackberry & butter top notes)

Well, it was not Kelly if she didn't give free samples, so she included a lovely Lait Sucre type of Roll it's a surprise because I previously asked her if she still has it, but she told me she doesn't carry it anymore.

How lovely she found one spare and gave it for free!

the sweet mother of all roll-ons!


Lait Sucre is a blend of milk with sweetness of candy and vanilla. I tried it on my wrist and GOOD GRACIOUS NESS !!! It smells like a true condensed milk, the warm one that you drink from your mug on cold winter nights.

I'm so glad I asked for this.

ohhhhhhhh I'm so overwhelmed right now, everything just smells so delicious and I can't wait to try them all.

So, have I tempted any of you YET?


Lily said...

lol at the mailman!! i wonder if mine thinks i'm crazy when i get multiple packages... haha

DyahAlit said...

OH you're sooooo lucky.. you make me cant wait for my packages altho' Kelly hasnt even shipped it yet LOL oh dear GOD i'm sooo excited!

anyway, happy birthday? LOL

Jnie said...

OMG look at all the goodies. You lucky girl! Have fun.

Cheeky Monkey said...

More fantastic finds! I just looked both of them up and bookmarked. Lots of goodies.