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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outtabody: Haul & Review

Yes I know, it's been gazillion years since I did reviews, and hauls.....oh well it's been a while since I did anything for my readers! hahahah please forgive me, I've been busy doing nothing --> cliché but true.

I've been living in, especially on the Bath & Body Boards, it's very addictive and fun, we talk about e-tailers, bath products, fragrances, and so much more. If you haven't noticed I am now a proud bath & body products addict and I've been posting about it alot, honestly I did not expect any hoo-hah and hollas from anyone here in blogspot since my friends here are mostly makeup addicts : ) but on the makeupalley boards, my goodness, the ladies over there tries ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and they answer to my EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I asked, both rationally and just simply dumb ones.

So yeah, hope you all forgive me hehehe

Anyway, as I mentioned couple posts ago, I purchased the yummy looking bath cream from Outtabody (it's called Whipped Soap Mousse) and they arrived last week.

Look at those tiny containers! Aren't they adorable??
She gave me a free white bath puff : )

The scents I tried:
* Blue Sugar
* Tahitian Vanilla
* Orange Chiffon Cake
* Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
* Grape Cabernet
* Mint Chocolate Chip

If you count the containers you'd notice there were 6, that's because I got a free one and the scent is Creme Cocoa Brulee.

Here are the scents description based on my personal Sniff skillz LOL:

*Blue Sugar: This one is very sexy, I bought it for my bf but I'm sure I'm gonna be the one that finish it LOL

*Tahitian Vanilla: pineapple, coconut & vanilla...very summery!

*Orange Chiffon Cake: love this one, true orange cake scent

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: probably my least fav coz it smells too 'dark', but some people might love this

*Grape Cabernet: if you love grape Popsicle you'd adore this one, I know I do hehe

*Mint Chocolate Chip: smells like my all time fav Baskin Robin's Mint Chocochip Ice yum!

*Creme Cocoa Brulee: chocolate & almond are stronger than the vanilla...I like it.

Now, onto the review.

I've only used 1 so far and it's the Orange Chiffon Cake.

Scent: It smells just like an orange cake with vanilla frosting, I can't stress how yummy this one smells like.

Consistency: The mousse feels like cream, I scoop it out with my fingers and use my bath puff and water to lather. It's thick and not runny at all.

Bubble-bility: It lathers so well, just like your usual shower gel, but of course, minus the SLS!

Love: The scents are just out of this world, very true to its name and it makes me crave for sweets, cake & ice cream.

Loath: Somewhat the scents don't stay for long after shower, so it's not very long-lasting.

Overall: A-

P.S: A week after my purchased, the owner of Outtabody sent me another soap mousse with her new scents she was formulating, it's Buttercream Frosting and it smells SOOOO GOOD! Isn't she a doll? *hugs Khandi, if you read this* :D

I now own 7 cute multicolors Tupperware lol


Tracy said...

I'm hoping that when I'm over my make-up and shoe phases, I'll move on to bath products. LoL.

DyahAlit said...

oh whipped soap mousse looks nice! and looks soo edible LOL i can't wait for LB and BITP package!! :D

Askmewhats said...

ohhh are an "addict" lol i love love how it looks, looks really creamy!!! enjoy!

LadyJane said...

You love scented things don't ya?