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Monday, June 16, 2008

EOTD: Minty Brown

Yay, finally I got a chance to do another EOTD : )

I went to see Hulk and it was awesome, a must-see imo.

These are what I used (all drugstore brand)

  • L'oreal De-crease (not shown in the pic, sry) as a base
  • Jordana - Mint (all over lid, inner lower lash line)
  • KATE palette - Dark Brown (outer V & up to the crease, outer lower lash line)
  • Cover Girl - White (highlight)
  • Indelible Gel Liner - Magnetism
  • Maybelline - Lash Stylist Mascara (not shown)

I like the result, it's very subtle and I love the mint green - brown combination : )
hope you guys like it.

OH btw I love Magnetism, its not too WOAAAH black and the specks are very pretty.


Askmewhats said...

it is subtle yet vavavoom eyes!!! I love it! I love it when people wear neutrals and it still let people focuses the eyes! because everything just brightens!!! You achived it!

LOL, about my haul, that's why I did say I'm on a no buy mode..coz of those!!! it's not even much!!! I resisted a whole lot of other colors!!! I am quite surprised ULTA e/s are huge and pigmented as well!! you guys are lucky to have those brands readily available!!!! *breathes deeply*...relax nikki, relax...

Askmewhats said...

they don't have it there in hawaii? well you guys have the best beaches and sunset!!! so ...i still hate you! LOL joking aside... *hugs* btw, is that an ELF palette I see and you have your other e/s in there? that's so cute! you removed the plastic thingy?

Askmewhats said...

is the ELF quad a dollar there? down here..its $2.0 darn huh? has to be more..really..i guess the Philippines consists of a whole lot of islands, really takes a whole lot of time for the product to travel! lol

Askmewhats said...

awwww..ok ok *hugs* I don't hate you..never do! but i love hating you coz you're soo sweet and won't get mad at all! Lol and you're the BLUSH QUEEN! who wouldn't hate a blush queen? LOL

do they ship for free to hawaii?

Askmewhats said...

hmm, that's "island" discrimination! LOL It is hard huh? taht's why I can't go to the US, if i did, i'll probably go bankrupt or..i'll be held by the airport police or even customs for hauling so much! LOL

You could hear me shouting from across the island "i'm innocent! it's just make-up!!! free me! i'm innocent!!!!!" LOL

Askmewhats said...

LOL that is one funny story! You should have said: "BLEH!!!! You call that a scissor sir? I believe we call it EYELASH CURLER !!!" lol..but if you did that you may end up not taking the flight at all! LOL

I have a story too!!! I was off for a job in China, of course I wouldn't leave without my eyebrow scissors, I had it in my carry-on bag, and I totally forgot about the non scissor thing. The guard saw it and asked me if i have any scissors..I was in a very strong tone : " OF COURSE NOT! I've worked in an airline before , I know it's NOT permitted, i'm 100% sure I don't have it!" And it was so embarrassing!!! THe guard put out all my stuffs and he even grabbed my "bra" (yup I had one there just in case) and I am so embarrassed as all the stuffs are already pulled out.. and he took out my eyebrow scissors...and i went totally red and said "Ooohhh, that..yeah! You can have that..sorry!" LOL!!!!

Askmewhats said...

NOTE: before you guys think I'm crazy talking to myself..we are ACTUALLY Chatting! LOL...i hope this clarifies everything nanzy! LOL

Lily said...

is that an ELF compact? I didn't know NYX shadows fit in there :D

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great look! I'm leaving this Sunday!!

Nanzy said...

Yes, Lily it is an ELF compact lol

Wow have fun, Audge!!! and Mahalo :)

ladyjane said...

That's a pretty combo :)

Nanzy said...

thanks ladyjane c",)

Anne said...

i agree... nice color combo. good job on the blending!