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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EOTD: Blueberry Hot Pink

My laptop broke down : (

well, it's not actually the motherboard that was shut down, it's the AC Adapter.
Now I have to find a replacement, most probably online, since I'm using DELL.
Anyone knows the cheapest place? argh I hate shipping tho T_T

anyway, enuff ranting
I did EOTD using my Simply Natural's pigment in Blueberry. Initially I was planning to do smoky eyes but throughout the application I decided to change it up hehehe.

Here they are:

  • L'oreal De-Crease (not shown) as a base
  • NYX Hot Pink (inner - middle lid, inner lower lashline)
  • Simply Natural's Blueberry (outer corner, crease, lower lash line)
  • Cover Girl - White (highlight)
  • Simply Natural's Blueberry (foiled w/ mixing medium as an eyeliner -it works pretty good, I was pretty surprise myself ^^-
  • Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara

Amy Winehouse, anyone?

Today finally my Lumiere order came, apparently they had some problems with Paypal not sending my payments so they had to contact Paypal but AFTER I MAILED THEM asking what happened to my order : ( I just wished I was informed beforehand, but oh well..I know they're busy & all that jazz. So I got 3 lumi lips & peppermint patti e/s.

Omaigod I had no idea those mini Lumi Lips is that tiny !!! I can't believe they cost me $3.00 each....

When my bf saw these on my hands he asked:

"Woooow, where's your gun, woman?" (-_-")

it does look like bullets, doesn't it? LOL

I got Tahitian Coral, Jamocha, and Oh La La.

I love them all, I only have tried Tahitian Coral and it showed up very pretty, a pink coral with gold shimmer : )

For those of you who have this mini lumi lips, I have a long these itty bitty tubes last on you? thanx in advance!

Peppermint Patti's color in the pic reminds me of Lemongrass Cleanser hehehehe
I haven't tried it tho, but it does look nice with the green specks.

K that's it from me tonight : ) hope you guys enjoy, HAPPY MONDAY !!!

*kiss hugs & all that*


Askmewhats said...

aww the winged eye looks so cool on you! love the colors too!!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

very nice combo! :) blueberry has to be one of my favorite blue pigments. :P

Lily said...

yay i love blueberry!
i want some bullet looking lipglosses!!! haha

Nanzy said...

thank you ladies ^_^

Nikki..yeh I tried..I tried...looks funny in certain angle tho'

Christiana, it's pretty isn't it? I adore your smoked blueberry eyes too!

LOL Lily!!! go get em bullets! XD

Askmewhats said...

no no it doesn't look weird! You are just giving yourself a hard time! Come on..give yourself some lovin' LOL

Katrina said...

Very pretty look! I like the winged liner a lot.

Shen said...

i love this look! totally rockin! the wing is drawn is really well. :)

the lumilips is VERY TINY!!! : they'll last you a week if you use them everyday. i have five of those and i haven't emptied any at all. :)

love love tahitian coral!! :) i have that one too. :)

great loot!

Nanzy said...

*hugging myself* eww! lol

Hi girl, thx for stoppin by :) and thx for your compliment...I love your purple & yellow looks ^^

Thanx and YES they are so tiny aren't they?? hahaha I had a blackout moment the first time I saw how small they are...thank you for your info, i'll make sure not to use them brutally LOL

christy. said...

Shizznizzleeee :)
I love this look! The colors remind of that L'oreal HIP Rascal shadows.

Tracy said...

i like the color combo. very pretty. :)

Nanzy said...

thanx Christy, I think I've seen Rascal and it does look alike LOL

mahalo, Tracy :D

iamgrape1119 said...

WOW! LOVE the look! VERY Winehouse-esque!

Nanzy said...

Thank you, Tao! :D

Anne said...

OMG... those lippies are TINY!!! are they pigmented at least?

you did the winged eyeliner way better than Amy Winehouse does it!

Nanzy said...

hi Anne!
Haha yeah those are über tiny.. But luckily they are pigmented : D I'd be pissed if they weren't LOL

And thnx, girl!