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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MAC 15% Off Coupon !!!

I'm not even a M.A.C addict but this promo gets me excited!


MAC Friends & Family

Print out this coupon linked below, bring to the MAC store and

SAVE 15% of your entire purchase!

Valid only: June 11-16

Click me !!!

I hope this would make someone's day : ) or month LOL


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Darn it!! I started my no buy too early!! MAC is never on sale and the time it is...I can't even buy it!!!

Tracy said...

i don't own mac anything, but i have been eyeing some of their lipsticks... haha.

christy. said...

Inan ....
I love you.
Not just because of that :D
Thank you thank you thank you :D
I must go!!11

Nanzy said...

I know !! This really surprised me, MAC having sale...too bad you're on no-buy huh? Is there any particular item you want?

I too have been eyeing on some lippies, but I just got my NYX hehehe must.....resist.......

hehehe glad you found this helpful, what are you gonna get?

Deanna said...

omg!!! Thank you, THANK YOU!!

Nanzy said...

hi Deanna :)
No problem...happy to share!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I've always wanted to try their lipglosses since I heard rave reviews about them. It's time! lol

Xuan N. said...

this totally made my day. LOL

Nanzy said...

Xuan!! : ) glad to hear that hehe