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Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Mean the World to Me

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I would like to dedicate this post for my beloved Mom. The woman I adore, the woman who brought me into this world and whose courage I always envy.

I flip through my old photo album.
Really dusty, but one picture struck me.
I was 2, my teeth was only 4
But you were so beautiful, glowing from love.

I wrapped my tiny arms around you, giggling with the largest smile.
Somehow I could hear my own laughter, echoing in my deafening silence.
You stood there gracefully, staring at me.
I could never forget the expression you showed,

Something in your eyes warmth my heart, Mommy.
As if you're saying "You are my world"
As if you're whispering "I am always here so don't you worry"
As if you're implying "I forgive you, no matter what"

I can feel my tears running down my cheek, as I am typing this.
To remember how many times I fight you.
How many times I yell at you.
How many times I break your heart.
How many times you hug me and say "I forgive you".

There's nothing in this world could replace you, Mommy.
Nothing I own could return your favor.
Although you always say "I'm proud of you, sayang"
I know there is always more I could have done to make you happy.
But no, I was selfish, stubborn, and angry.

So here I am apologizing to you for all these years.
And although you may never read this, I NEED to get this out,
......for me.
Thank you, Mommy, for every single thing you've done for me.
Every love and forgiveness you've shared,
Every kiss, hugs, and shoulder to cry on.
You are my best friend, my rock, my WORLD

I am sorry if I ever lied to you.
I am sorry if I fought you, and hated you.
I am sorry, for being me.

The stare you gave me 20 years ago never changed.
The love and compassion, never faded.
I love you, dear Mommy, you're the only one I have.
So thank you from the bottom,
to the top of my heart.


Askmewhats said...

the first pix is your mom in her younger years right? You look soooo like her!!!
Happy mother's day to your mom!!!

Nanzy said...
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Nanzy said...

hahaha yeah it was (can't believe she wore the big bugsies sunglasses LOL I LOOOOVE bugsies)

actually all my aunties said the same thing, I look like her when she was young :D

I envy her skin btw, she just turned 52 in the 2nd picture : )

oh i just checked you site too, your mom is pretty, just like you ^_^ say Happy mothers day to her from me!!