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Monday, May 12, 2008

Archetype's Swatch

This is gonna be the quick review & swatches on my Archetype's e/s that I got, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I ordered 9 of them but due to the super duper slow process & shipping, Holly the owner sent me an 8 free samples!

I have to say the colors are very pretty but holy cow they are VERY SPARKLY! I dunno how am I gonna wear it without looking like disco ball LOL oh well, we'll see.

Other than that, I actually love it, the ranges of colors they offer are very wide, different sparkles could make a totally different shades i.m.o : )

So here we go:

Dirty Blonde: peachy ivory
Child of Hounds: pale apricot (i notice green shimmer)
Mausie: opaque copper penny (i like this one)
Apocalypse Meow: soft pink with green sparkle (too sparkly for me)

Mandrake Root: golden green shimmer
Back to the Sea: sea blue-green with gold shimmer
Old Erie: gemlike green with gold sparkle
Cicatrix: deep leaf green with pink flash (LOOOOVE this one)
Angel of Indulgence: dark turquoise teal blue
The Gargoyle Tree: smokey grey with green tint (very unique)
Midnight Aeval: blackened teal with silver sparkle
Bengal: honey brown with green sparkle

Styx: purple with silver spark (again, this one is VERY sparkly)
Black Dahlia: black with purple sparkle
Raven's Father: turquoise purple blue
Dark Ouija: navy blue with grey-purple tint (I adore this one)

Now I have another one called Betty's Bangs which I forgot to swatch (sorry) but it's basically a black with blue highlights, would be awesome for eye liner.

Don't hesitate if you got any questions, just lemme know! :D



Tracy said...

nice swatches. i ordered a bunch of samples from them, too. i can't remember when exactly, but i know it was a couple weeks ago. how long did it take for you to get yours?

Nanzy said...

hi Tracy, how's Vegas? : )

I ordered on March 29th...and they just arrived on May 11th !!! that's almost two months, crazy huh? so I'm afraid you will needa wait a little bit longer :(

Askmewhats said...

wow it all looked great! My personal fave would be....Raven's Father and Styx love it!

christy. said...

Wow I love all the names; very creative hehe.

Nanzy said...

:D yeah they're interesting, she has the 'gothic' theme going on

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Eyeshadows look very sparkly and pretty! Great for a night out or smokey eye. How's the pigmentation? Do you like pigments better or pressed shadows?

Nanzy said...

I like both mineral e/s and pressed for some reasons, I love how vibrant the pressed ones (NYXs), knowing that I have oily lids, I have to foil the mineral pigments, so let's say it requires more work hehe

But I loooove mineral e/s for the prices (sampling hehe) and their range, shimmer/sparkle can totally make the color looks different, so it's fun to be able to sample different colors.

Pigmentation for Archetype is really nice, although the sparks are pretty heavy.