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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Archetype & Walmart Haul


My Archetype order has arrived *fiuhhhh* what a long waiting LOL I order 9 shades and I have to say I am pleased with the colors (although the waiting is craizeeeeh)

oh and yes, she STILL hand-writes the product names, I hope that's not the reason it took a month to process -_-' hehe

w/ flash

natural lighting

and guess what, Holly sent me lotsa freebies, there are 8 of them !!!!

freebies w/ flash

freebies natural lighting

Later today I went to Walmart to pick up some measuring spoons, I plan to make some toner & mask so I thought it's about time I get those measurements, for my own convenience. When I was there I stumbled upon this cute stuff in Beads/Crafts area
$2.24 pigment storage

It only cost $2.24. I think it's perfect for my eye pigments coz they are taking too much space now. I tried to squish them in this cute little organizer, and I'm glad they fit perfectly! (btw thanx Christiana for the suggestion, but I think this is a different ones hehe It still fits tho)
Pigment Storage

Even my NYX ultrapearlmanias and Chrome eyeshadows fit in : ) I might get a bigger one if my collections grows hehehe

And these are my measuring spoons
Benetton Measuring Spoons : )

(I think Sis Lynne has the similar thing) isn't it cute? it costs me $1.97 and has a matching colorful measuring cups too but I looked around more and found this

Jet Black Measuring Kits



Ok maybe it's not as cute but I got this one instead for two reasons (beside the fact that it consists both measuring cups AND spoons), first it only costs $0.97! NOT EVEN A DOLLAR...(how could I not get it?) secondly, it has a very accurate measurements:
1/4 1/8

1 1/2 1/4

2/3 1/3

I found it very handy, you don't have to pop your eyes out trying to get the right '2/3 cup or 1/3 cup'
just like what mom always told me, "It's not always about the appearance, Inan..." hehehe

You're must be wondering, so why did I get the colorful spoons?

Well, besides it's irresistible (hehe) it also has the smallest measurement (1/8 tsp), the black ones ends only at 1/4 tsp.

Doesn't it good to find a good bargain : ) ?


christy. said...

Wow what a good bargain on the measuring cups! :D And wow, I can't believe she hand writes everything. Crazyyy.

Nanzy said...

maybe that's what it took almost 2 months to get here, christy...


she should stop writing. it's lovely & personal tho....but you know, very inconvenient i.m.o

Anonymous said...

thats how i keep my mineral makeup samples too :)

Nanzy said...

:D yeah it's really convenient coz you can see every colors !