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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Reason I Hide My Face...

Hehehe ok it's not as bad as it sounds but the reason I haven't posted any FOTD's is because.....


What is purging?

Purging is a period when your skin breaks out as a reaction to a new and better product, it could be anything, your new gentle cleanser, moisturizer, or the whole new routine you apply to your face. In my case, it's the last one.

If your new cleanser has the 'glycolic acid' ingredients, it cleans your pores deeper.

So why are you breaking out?

of course your skin takes a consequences when it's CLEARING UP the impurities and it will brings all the bad stuffs to the surface which will cause zits, that's why EXFOLIATION is very important because you need to unplugged your pores and let the gunks out.

Using natural oils and moisturizer will loosen your gunk but without exfoliating, you can still get big cystic acne cause you basically 'trap' the bad stuffs inside. Don't do halfway! :)

I've been using my GoW products, this is my 7th day actually, been patiently (and slowly) trying the stuffs one by one on every 4 days, so now my routine would be:


Calamine Bar Soap
Red Wine Vinegar Toner (I made it myself with Jen's recipe ^_^)
Immortelle HA + Grapeseed Oil (mix it on my palm, apply all over face)
Pineapple Mist (spray)
B.P 2.5% (4 days/week)


Calamine Bar Soap (or Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser 3x a week as Exfoliator)
Red Wine Vinegar Toner
Mint Julep Masque (2x a week, but looking into more natural mask)
Pineapple Mist (if I wear mask)
Rosacea Serum
Pineapple Mist
Immortelle HA + Grapeseed Oil
Pineapple Mist

It sounds alot I know, but I'm really positive about this for the long run, coz natural skincare is no joke, it works! Although I'm purging pretty bad at the moment (slowly weaning off from B.P also contributes, I bet) I'm patient and hope to see the good end for my skin rollercoaster (or Rock'n'Roll coaster LOL) ride. I try not to get too close to the mirror tho, it's frustrating to see those tiny bumps all over my foreheads, nose & cheeks (even under my eyebrows...ain't that wacko? hehe) and I think it's better for me to not over-scrutinizing my own skin coz I know I could give up halfway if I freaked out.

Wish me luck, ladies!

Onto the good things :)

Haul !!! Today I received package from LaurEss where I got 4 blushes from.

and Yuko from Vox also sent me blushes samples (the blue envelope) ^_^
She's so nice!

From LaurEss
They gave me free samples of Radiant Tan which is definitely too light for me :( I have no idea what am I gonna do with it...

I included Persuasion from Yuko, it's gorgeous !!!

Exhilaration & Attraction is matte blush, which is very pretty and I think it'll look the healthy 'blushing' cheek. Both Uninhibited and Decadence is from their Candle Light blush line which has very beautiful shimmer, definitely for summer : )

Another surprise is from Wal-mart, I didn't even remember what it could be but apparently they send me a tester pack from John Frieda Collection, I recall filling in some sort of questionnaire from Wal-mart website couple of weeks ago (maybe a month ago if I'm not mistaken...geez they took so long LOL)

Will try them and of course, come back to you guys with reviews!

Toodles !


christy. said...

I hope your skin clears up! :) Nice haul.

Nanzy said...

thanx Christy, I appreciate it : )

Askmewhats said...

hey nanzy i hope your skin gets better..don't worry, it will. there are really those bad times our skin breaks out!!! Hormones!!!! arrrghh :)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hopefully, the purging period will end soon...that's the worst. But once it's over...hopefully it will be worth it. I remember my purging period with was gross! My face was full of cystic acne! But after the period, it was worth it!Have you tried using an aspirin mask? It might help with the purging period.

Nanzy said...

Thanx Nikki, Audge...

Hormones still bothers me -_-' I hate everything makes me breaking out LOL

Wow i never knew you could break out from Retin-A, how long did the purging take?