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Friday, April 25, 2008

Top 20 Minerals & such..

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-prone

Known Sensitivities (if any): None that I know of

Desired Coverage: Medium to Full

Top Mineral Foundations:
1. Classy Minerals Liquid Foundation (Tan)
2. EDM Intensive & Semi-matte (Medium Tan)

Top Finishing Powders/Powder Primers:
1. Joppa Finishing Silk (Medium)
2. Signature Minerals Finishing Dust (Angel)

Top Concealers/Correctors:
1. Classy Minerals Liquid Concealer (Tan Bisque)
2. EDM Concealer (Intensive Tan)

When I need extra coverage and when foundation doesn't cut it, I use:
1. MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer (NW 35)

Top Illuminators/Glows/All Over Face Color/Radiance:
1. Silk Naturals (Love Lure)
2. Joppa Simple Radiance (Caramel)

Top Mineral Blush:
1. EDM - Sunday Brunch
2. Classy Minerals - Brick
3. Joppa - Earthen Rose
4. Silk Naturals - Climax (but I'm gonna sample their new blushes soon *yay*)

Top Bronzers:
1. The She Space - Kalahari
2. Lumiere - California Gold
3. EDM - Everyday Bronzer

Top Eye Shadows/Powder Eyeliners:
1. The She Space
2. Taylor Made Minerals
3. Pure Luxe

Top Mineral Pencil Eyeliners/Highlighters:
none yet

For Highlighters, I like using either:
none, I use NYX's

Top Eyebrow Pencils:
None Mineral - Wet'n'Wild

Top Mineral Lippies (lipstick, gloss, tints):
haven't tried any

Top Face Primers (non mineral):
MAC Prep + Prime

Top Eye Primers (non mineral):

Top Mascaras (non mineral):
1. Maybelline Full'n'Soft

Top Mineral Foundation brushes:
1. EDM New Flat Top Synthetic Brush

Top Blush brushes
1. Essence of Beauty Small Angle/Contour Brush

Top Eye brushes
1. Chasity Eyeshadow Brush (to foil & everything else! ^_^)

Top Cleansers
1. Pure Luxe's Calamine Bar Soap
2. Garden of Wisdom Takrai Lemongrass
3. Johnson & Johnson Purpose

Top Moisturizers
1. The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion


Fabu-less Beauty said...

I use tretonin in 0.025% in the gel form. So how did you end up liking the Buff'd Minerals foundation? I like EDM Intensive as well, but I'm trying to break out into other lines.

I've heard rave reviews on Johnson and Johnson Purpose, but never tried it out personally. Is it like Cetaphil?

Nanzy said...

how much does that tretonin costs you? is it an over the counter product?

I like Buff'd coverage since I prefer medium to full ones, but I haven't worn it enough to judge if it's really my HG in terms of staying power, oil control, and possible irritation.

Tell me about 'branching out' LOL I've been crazily sampling so many, I had to redeem myself T_T and the Purpose cleanser, I really like it since it's so gentle yet effective. I was contemplating on choosing between Purpose or Cetaphil, but I chose Purpose since I've heard more negatives reviews about Cetaphil.

I never tried it so I can say anything, but I believe it's the same idea...a mild non-comedogenic cleanser which unfortunately *still* contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate.