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Monday, April 7, 2008

Today's Haul Day !!!

Yessssssss the rest of my online shopping order came today *jumpin around* :D

These are the goodies

Joppa Minerals
I took advantage from their Free Shipping sale a while back, and combined it with the 10% discount which is still going on now, and ordered 4 blushes sample and 3 pc. foundation samples. The rest are free sample from Joppa ;D

I decided to chose these empty palettes over MAC ones, since I got a $5.00 off from E.L.F, these palettes only cost $1.00 each, as well as the curler, so basically for these goodies, I only paid for shipping hehehe I heard their Mechanical Eyelash Curler is awesome, so I gave it a try...hey, it's for free so y not?

Soapalaya Soap
I ordered their Gentle Facial Cleanser & Scrub for Oily and Blemish Prone Skin, this is only a sample size, Alex, the owner sold for $2.00. She gave me a Lavender & Lilac sample soap which smells great, I dunno if you can see from the picture but the soap has some hot pink dots in it :D so cute!

Isn't she pretty??? The iron, not the girl LOL From the description it says you can also create a soft curl (I think I've seen some videos on youtube, making curls with flat iron) they gave me a free small bottle of Chi Silk Infusion. I bought this for $10.99 including shipping :D

Swatches for Joppa samples:

I dunno, I like everything here mwahah Dewdrop probably can be used for highlighting my cheekbones. Makayla and Bahama Bronzer seem to have more sparkle, but not too 'disco ball' like.

Medium Tan seems to be pretty orange, and Medium #2 is kinda ashy...I need a face test for these, hopefully either of them will match me ^_^

I also decided to swatch blushes from Classy Minerals
Brick looks like an orangey version of my EDM Sunday Brunch, Russett and Kissed will be great for everyday blushes since I have a feeling it wouldn't be showing up as vibrant on my cheek.

Can't wait to try them all *big grin*


Askmewhats said...

wow!!! I can feel your excitement!!!! I love HAULS! hahahha I LOVE your flat iron!!! so pink and so cute!!! And tell me how you like the ELF eyelash curler ok? I hope it works really well as people raved. I got the ELF quad case as well, it works wonders as its slim and it fits everywhere :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

wow! lucky girl! hauls are SOOOO fun to receive and it just makes your day so much better. haha. :P i think the ELF curler actually does a pretty decent job. i stocked up on it a while ago, but i'm a weirdo and i use TWO curlers. the ELF one for curling and another cheapo one from Target that lifts. i don't know if that makes sense. haha.

Anonymous said...

wow..tell us how the flat iron works out for you. I bought a flat iron from ebay once and it only costs me 9.00 bucks, its was working fine for almost one year and it just died on me!!!! so hope fully that won't happen to you!! can you do reviews about your soap bars, I am really thinking about buying some but I don't know which one!! thanks!

KC said...

I'm curious if the flat iron is any good. Can you do a review on it?

Nanzy said...

Nikki, I tried the eyelash curler and it did the job for a dollar yes, it's worth the rave mwahaha

Christiana, i know what u mean...i still use my ardell heated eyelash curler with this elf ones LOL dunno y -_-'

Hey anonymous and KC, yes I will definitely make a review on the flat iron :D Thank you for stopping by !! ^_^

and for the soap bar, I believe the Lavender & Lilac is a body may wanna ask the maker for that, since not every soap she makes is good for both face and body :D I asked her specifically which one suits my skin type the best, and she's really helpful (and fast heheh) so i.m.o it's best to ask her first before you order, just to make sure.

but I am planning to make a review on those natural soaps I've had so far so stay tuned ^_^

Leony said...

WoOt! Thanks for the info and pics!! I'm planning to place an order for full size Joppa foundation and maybe a couple blushes samples soon.

Nanzy said...

Leony!!! how u been? long time no talk ^_^ no problem, Joppa blushes are pretty...I wanted to sample them more LOL too bad I haven't found my shade for the foundation :(

Leony said...

LOL thanks sweety! I've been busy with life, marriage life blah LOL.