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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fragrance Alert: Michael Kors Island

Imagine when you visit a paradise, with it's sunny day and white sands on your toes, the aquamarine blue ocean, and the warm breeze blowing your hair as you stroll down the shore with a coconut drink in your hand, don't you ever wish you could bottle them up and bring home all the exotic sight?

Well, Michael Kors did :D

He is launching his new 'jet-set' island destination inspired fragrance for this Spring. For those of you who could only wish to visit tropical islands this summer (not you, Audge...LOL), maybe you should check out these collections of this tough judge in Project Runway since he has launched 3 fragrances:



Now although Fiji is the newest and is about to be launched, it is actually not a brand new fragrance since it was originally launched exactly two years ago for only couple of months, and due to the high selling record, it came back this year!

Hawaii, 1.7 Oz for $60, was launched last month, as quoted from his website:
" In celebration of this fragrance launch, the first 25 bottles will be autographed by Michael himself.

This luminous scent bursts open with a kaleidoscope of citrus sensations; exhilarating clementine and juicy orange fuse with luscious neroli. Accents of hydroponic pineapple add to the tropical bliss.

Exquisite orange flower accentuated with luxurious jasmine sambac and exotic Hawaiian ginger lilies transport the soul to the island destination.

The jet-set style is amplified by sexy white amber, creamy sandalwood and rich, flowing balsamic notes reminiscent of warm tanned skin.

Exhilarating. Luminous. Exquisite. "

Capri, 1.7 Oz for $60, was launched on December 2007,
"Fresh and voluptuous, this succulent scent combines lush florals with subtle fruit and woodsy accords.

• Dewy, sparkling top notes of Chinese kiwi, honeysuckle, and parrot tulip.
• Lush, vibrant heart notes of champaca flowers, gingerlilies, Bulgarian rose, and stephanotis.
• Woody, smooth base notes of white bark accord, driftwood, and rice fields accord.

Arrives in a chic turquoise glass spray bottle inspired by the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. "

Fiji, is supposed to be the sweetest scent among all, filled with the native Fijian Tiare flower, tropical petals and the lush sparkling Polynesian waters.

Inan sez:

I visited Neiman Marcus the other day and they have Fiji, the 3.4 Oz for $75, but honestly I'm not into a sweet floral scent, and somehow Fiji smells too powdery for me, I'd prefer something unique so I wasn't so impressed.

Hawaii is my favorite ^_^ it's more fresh and uplifting, I love the blend of pineapple, Hawaiian ginger and the citrus... I sprayed it on my inner wrist and walked around to test it out, the smell switched from citrus-y (from the first time I sprayed) to a softer smell like a sandalwood after couple of hours. I might get it if I finish my L.A.M.B :D

The bottles for this collection look fun and bright, I just wished it would be more exotic and not so plain looking hehehe

Tell me if you like them !


christy. said...

OMGGG I want em alllll :( I love the simple yet cute shape of the bottle. Gahhhhh but oh so expensive. But then again all fragrances are. Where can I get them????

Nanzy said...

I know Sephora has the Capri, just find the big blue ice cube LOL Nordstrom, Macy's and Neiman Marcus carry all of them, I believe..just walk around Ala Moana hehehe :D

Yeah they're pretty costly, the cheapest one is that $60 :( dang!

christy. said...

Ahh >___< I'm going to bed the boyfriend hahah. Thanks for the info :D