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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She Space Green look

Finally I've got a chance to try out my she space pigments :D So since Christiana has stressed how much FOILING is important for mineral pigments and I, too, have a very oily lids, I decided to foil my pigments and used UDPP as a base. I wanted to use my Moss Scape paint pot but I was in a hurry so I didn't wanna wait too long for everything to get dry (yeh, I'm very impatient LOL)

Today Aaron's best friend from grade school, Giuseppe, came down from the mainland and we promised him to meet up at Mai Tai's bar so I was trying up my Classy Mineral foundations as well :D yay trying out my new goodies !!! hehehehe

Classy Minerals Face Primer
EDM Spring Concealer
Classy Minerals Tan Foundation

Signature Minerals Angel Finishing Dust
EDM Sunday Brunch

She Space pigments Shot the Messenger (inner corner, tear duct)
She Space pigments Kiss the Frog (middle to outer part)
She Space pigments Chasing Mystery (outer corner, up to the crease)
NYX e/s Aloha (highlight the browbone)
Rimmel eyeliner pencil
Maybelline Full 'n Soft mascara

NYX Tea Rose
NYX Beige Lipgloss

(I'm such a bad bad navigator LOL Aaron was like "whaaa? now???)

Here's us, photowhoring
he surely doesn't like flash mwahaha

ok, last one...I promise !

I like how the foundation turns out, and it doesn't feel heavy AT ALL. I tried to apply it damp since it has the liquid binder in it, and I was surprised on how light a liquid foundation feels ^_^ I'm gonna order a full size soon ! Yay !


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

very pretty. :) i don't think you NEED to foil piggie, i just personally prefer it. i know lots of ladies out there find it a hassle, but i don't. :D you and the bf look super cuteee together. hehe. :D

Fabu-less Beauty said...

You two look cute together! Is your bf mixed? I also like how Tea Rose looks on you....I like the pink.

Nanzy said...

Christiana, hahah I know I don't need to :P but somehow those piggies, especially the one with sparks, look blah on me if I don't foil them. I tried my TMM, the matte one without foiling, it looked ok..hehehe Thanx, my bf doesn't like camera as much tho -_-' booooo LOL

Audge, thank you, and yes my bf is a hybrid LOL Vietnamese Spanish and Chinese sometimes he looks more Asian, some other time he looks just....mixed hehehe

christy. said...

You two look very cute together! hehe. I love the FOTD.

Nanzy said...

thank you ^_^ it's more like OFOTD (Our Face of The Day LOL)