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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TMM Swatches & Updates

Ohhh I'm so tired right now, been sleeping super duper late (read: 5 AM) for the last 3 I woke up at 1 PM, furious, and hungry LOL

I've been hanging out with the boys and they are DEFINITELY bunches of night here I am adjusting with their schedule and having hard times keeping up with the rest of the world LMAO

I am also noticing some 'purging' reaction going on in my skin, my forehead is breaking out with small white bumps and there's this big red pimples on my left cheek, with one or two other zits around it and on my chin. I don't know if it's a reaction from my natural skincare I've tried so far or I am allergic to something. Apart from my new skincare routine, the only thing I could think of that can cause my forehead breakouts is my new Herbal Essence Long Term Relationships lines, I checked the ingredients coz some girls in Garden of Wisdom forum were telling me about SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is known to be the source of such reaction, weirdly enough I didn't find it on my Herbal Essence's shampoo ingredients. I found a 'Raspberry Juice' in it you think it's possible I could be allergic to that? Instead of SLS I found Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which is believed to be less harmful than SLS. *shrug*

I'm so confused, I was thinking of switching back to my John Frieda Brilliant Brunette or Garnier Fructis as back then when I was using them my forehead seemed to be fine, but I was really surprised when I found out that SLS are in BOTH of John Frieda's & Garnier's ... so If I wasn't allergic to SLS, what could possibly cause it?

Am I just in the 'purging' period? How long does it normally take, anyone knows?
I also have been naughty, drinking coffees and eating lots of desserts,

Do you guys notice STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards?

LOL so random

Anyway, today I got my last order from Taylor Made Minerals which I ALMOST forgot about, I had to go back to their site to see what I actually purchased hehehe.

I only ordered 4 sample baggies, 3 of them are eye pigments and 1 bronzer:




Kalahari (bronzer)

and my old TMM which I've never swatched yet,



The Swatches:
All were foiled with Mixing Medium, sorry for the messed up Throne swatches, my brush was way too wet. All of the pigments are shimmery except for Iris, Throne & Crook (which are harder to foil, idk why..the texture is more grainy imo)

I am pretty satisfied with the color payoffs, especially the green colors :D and I can't say it enough that TMM samples are A-LOT, I have the Throne & Crook in full jars and I swear I could use it for the entire neighborhood and it's still full heheheh.

Yesterday we played 'tourist' and hung out in Waikiki beach, I spent most of the day sunbathing & taking pictures LOL. Later that night we wanted to hit Senor Frogs club in Waikiki but then we remembered it was Monday nights and we had a feeling it'd be a graveyard over there. I got to try out my new Classy minerals setting spray after I put everything on, but the spray is more like a 'squirt' out, so my face was dripping wet from it *I should try it again, maybe further away from my face*

MAC Prep+Prime
Classy Minerals Tan liquid foundation
EDM Spring concealer
Classy Minerals Mineral Setting Spray

Classy Minerals Brick blush

Wet'n'Wild Dark Brown eyebrow liner pencil
Revlon liquid eyeliner

NYX Cocoa
NYX Natural
NYX Barbie Pink (dotted lightly & blended)

My Blue Ranger jumpsuit LOL
Got balls?
And yeah, since everyone seem to be Taaz'd lately, I decided to try it out and created another 'me'. My bf doesn't like it tho, he said I looked 10 years older LOL What do you guys think?


laras said...

LMAO for the Taaz'd pic!!!!!!!

christy. said...

Omgg you make me want to go to the beach so bad haha. I love the jumpsuit!! Super cute. I think your taaz makeover is okay. Your dark hair makes your stand out more :D

Nanzy said...

LOL I know...I don't think I'll be going lighter shade EVER mwahaha

thanx, the jumpsuit really looks "OMG, it's blue!" in person tho...thats y my friends call it blue ranger, only needs goggle & matching shoes hehehehe

Go beach,'re so lucky you live nearby ^_^

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

heeeyyy! your jumpsuit looks similar to one that my Ate Che Che got me! Haha! Except mine's looks like a corset type on the top portion, and it's black. yours is cute though! i like it! ha. :D

wonderful selection from TMM! Your making my lemmings list go up. LOL. I love Marsh and Anther! Coral and Throne are really pretty too! :)

i gotta go to the beach soon... it's been hot down here in so-cal lately. argh. LOL. i hate the heat... so much. :P

Nanzy said...

hey love, i'd love to see your corset jumpsuit!! I LOVE CORSET!!! ahahaha i know it's so burlesque but i think it's sexy ^_^

I'm still waiting for Archetype's order, jesus that takes forever LOL how how is it out there? it's been getting really warm over here too, i'm scared of summer now LOL

btw what did you order from She Space?

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hey there!

Love the taaz It does make you look older though. I have to try that out. Do you need a front face photo?

Anyways, I don't think your shampoo is causing you to break out if you're breaking out in the chin, cheek area. It could be your natural skin regime or even your mineral makeup? I noticed that purginig stuff after using Lumiere Veena Velvet for about a week. It could also be your skin care regime, for some and oils don't mix. I break out after awhile. I used this tea tree oil wash with all these oils and after awhile..I started to break out!!

Try laying off the product that you think that could be breaking you out for a week, and see if your skin gets better or worse??

Luckily, my skin has cleared up after that Lumiere breakout...hehe

Fabu-less Beauty said...
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Fabu-less Beauty said...
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Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hahahaha. i don't know... i might do a post wearing my burlesque type jumpsuit. LOL! it's black with greyish/white pinstripes... it looks pretty stripperish... to be honest. LOL. but i didn't get it! my ate che che bought it for me to wear clubbin. LOL. it makes me look like a hoebag. hahaha. :P i might wear it clubbing... but i gotta figure out how to coordinate everything so that it doesn't look so bad. LOL.

this past weekend was hot! high 90's almost triple digits. heat and i DO NOT mix. i LOVE winter... bah... i hate heat. it makes me moody. LOL.

from the she space i ordered: make believe, twisted psychic, far too fabulous, take the cake, bed of nails, save the trolls, swim with the fishes, and reap and sew. :)

i want to order more... but i don't think that i SHOULD. i still have till sunday... so we'll see how that works out. LOL.

Askmewhats said...

wow great pictures!!! You look so lovely!!!! :D