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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beach Day, Haul & OCM Update !!!

Holla girls, how are you all doing? I've been busy walking around with my bf and his friends and yesterday I didn't have time to read beauty gurus blogs, so I feel left behind LOL I know it's weird rite, it's only a day for god sake!

This morning I got my package from Classy Minerals :D I ordered the 5 gram jars of:
- Liquid Mineral Foundation in Tan
- Liquid Mineral Concealer in Tan Bisque

I wanted to order the Loose Mineral Foundation in Medium Tan for summer but I was thinking since it looks abit too orange for me right now, I will do it later, so I mailed Trisha and told her that.

The shipping was around $2.00 (I did it via e-mails tho, I contacted Trisha asking for shipping rate, and she gave me that price ^_^ I believe it's cheaper than what the site shows) and since I got 40% discount code from her, I ended up paying only $8.94. She shipped it out 3 days ago and today they are here already. YAY!

and being a super duper nice & cool lady Trisha is, she gave me free samples:
- 5 gram jar of Loose Mineral Foundation in Medium Tan (yessss the full size!!! She GAVE it to me)
- Liquid Mineral Foundation in Light Tan (samples size)
- Mineral Setting Spray (sample size)
- Mineral Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder (sample size)

L-R (Clockwise): Mineral Veil, Medium Tan, Light Tan, Tan, Tan Bisque
Below: Mineral Setting Spray

So yesterday we hung out with Insong & Giuseppe and decided to go to the famous Lanikai beach, we had lunch @ Vietnamese Pho restaurant in China town but it was already raining. Honestly I didn't know how we actually made a decision to hit the beach on rainy day. We left the house around 4 PM and there was no sun in sight, luckily by the time we reached Kailua side the sun showed up!

I used my beloved everyday minerals (yes, I wear makeup to the beach...) since I was wearing it to lunch and lazy to wipe it off, plus EDM is the quickest one I can's just me tho' hehehe

Classy Minerals Smooth Face Primer
EDM Spring concealer
EDM Medium Tan foundation (semi-matte)

EDM Sunday Brunch blush

Kirkland eyebrow gel groomer (this thing works!)

NYX Thalia (it's gone by the time I reached the beach tho LMAO)

Here are some pics, hope you guys like them.

Da Kine grinds LOL
Later that night I tried to do OCM using my Pure Luxe Cleansing Oil sample after some 101 consultations with Mrs.Lynne :P I have to say I was surprised that the oil doesn't feel so oily, and it did the wonderful job to remove my makeup. This Cleansing Oil contains of many ingredients and it smells lemony ^_^ I know many girls tried the EVOO/CO but I was too lazy to mix :( so I sampled this 'ready' cleansing oil from Pure Luxe.

- Pour a quarter size in your palm
- Rub you palms one to another
- Massage directly on your face in circular movement
- If you have dry skins, leave it on a little bit after massaging
- Run your towel under the hot water, squeeze, and place it on your face (it feels like heaven ^_^)
- This steam works just like facial, opening the pores and letting the oil gets into the skin and taking the dirt oil out
- When the towel is cool, wipe your face with it and run the towel under the hot water again, squeeze the water out, and wipe your face. Repeat this at least 2 times to make sure everything is taken out.
- No cleanser is necessary after this process since OCM does the job taking your makeup off and clean your face out.

I love the clean feeling after it, and surprisingly I didn't find the oil on my face gross (I used to, before I tried) so I'm gonna try this out in a while and see if my skin likes it as much as I do. Will let you guys know how it works.

OH, I forgot, I also has been trying Garden of Wisdom Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser to exfoliate dead skins, but since I have only tried it twice I still can't make any judgement, so I also will be making a separate reviews on it :D

Wowww homeworks for me hehehehe


christy. said...

Omgggg looks like so much fun. I haven't been to the beach in forever. Haven't been to Lanikai even though I've lived here all my life lmao. Looks really pretty. :D & so are you~

Anonymous said...

GREEAT!! Looking forward to your review on the Takrai Lemongrass!!!

christy. said...

I live in Kukui Gardens by the Times Market. Are you still in school?? If you are, probably at UH right. :( Blah. My SAT scores weren't good enough.

Nanzy said...

the Times Market in Kailua area? if it is, i think i know where :D

no, I attended college in Japan and graduated on October last year ^_^ which highschool do you go to?

Anonymous said...

hey girl, how do you like your mineral make up setting spray! be sure to let us know!!

Nanzy said...

hi anonymous,
I have yet to try the mineral spray, but will definitely report back once I got my hands on it ^_^

thanx for visiting!

christy. said...

Omg college in Japan? Lucky girl haha. I go to Roosevelt. I can't wait to get out of this school T___T

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Woo-hoo for free stuff! Now I might have to check out classy minerals! Great beach pics btw...hehe.

nee is... said...

you look so pretty with or without makeup..thats natural beauty girl, embrace it! :)

Nanzy said...

Thanx Nee !!! it was fun that day and minimalizing makeup is the way to go hehehe