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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coastal Scents new lines

Coastal Scents is launching their new SYNTHETIC BRUSHES !!!

There are new 9 brushes with fiber hairs and more suitable for ultra-sensitive skin.
If you guys are looking for super soft brush, great qualities, and AWESOME PRICE, you should definitely check it out. I've heard good reviews on their Italian Badger Buffer Brush but I am too in love with my Flat Top Brush from Everyday Minerals so I think I'm good for now.

I am eyeing on their New Synthetic Angle Brush ($7.95)
and their Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler ($7.95)
but I am in no-buy month now :( so I guess I'll wait until they have a sale or something :D I heard Coastal Scents has lightening fast shipping too, so if you guys are outside U.S you should consider trying their services coz they have everything we need: good quality, good price, good service ^_^


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hi Nanzy. I actually haven't been taking good care of my skin lately. LOL. Shame on me. But lately it's been really minimal since it's so warm. :P

1.) exfoliate with microfiber cloth every other night

2.) wash with face bar (my fave's lately are the calamine bar and jen's goat's milk rose shea bar)

3.) tone with garden of wisdom fruity exfo pads 10% pH 3.2 every other night

4.) might or might not moisturize with camellia rose nourishing face cream

and that's it. i've actually minimalized it a bit. :)