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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Which one ??

Aaron and I have been looking for a decal for I-phone since both of us agreed that it's time for the black shiny thing to get some pimpin' :D

We found this site which offers tons of I-phone skins and not only functions as a 'cover', each skin comes with a special access code printed on the packaging that will allow you to get a free matching wallpaper to complete the new look! the best part is it's $7.50 each hehehe

Now I'm confused on choosing which one to get, Aaron left it up to me so I wanna ask you guys to give me some suggestions :)








Can't blame me for being confused right? ^_^


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

wow, those are all superrrrr pretty! :)

i like all of them! hahaha. although, i'm too crazy about #6. #7 is pretty, but something about it turns me off, not sure what. #5 is too black, especially if you want to pimp your iphone! ha. it's a tie for me from #1-#4. LOL. :P but i am favoring number one a little more because i like pink. haha.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I like #1 and #3! I'm a fan of lighter and brighter colors.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

p.s. my boyfriend has an iphone and was wondering what the website addy is for where to get the iphone skins. :) thank you in advance.

Nanzy said...

Christiana, here's the link,249.htm

hope he finds something he likes ! :D

and thank you for your suggestion...hehe I agree the black one is too black ^_^

Audge Yeah the Orange is very pretty and 'clean' looking ^_^ thanx, girl !

Askmewhats said...

well they're all beautiful and I would be confused myself But if given the chance to choose, I would choose something that wouldn't make me feel overwhelmed at the end, like if you've seen it too much you just want to throw it away? hehehe, think of first, probably, your favorite color, 2nd probably, most outfit that you have (well it doesn't have to match but it doesn't have to overpower your total look). And 3rd, the first look that makes you happy! Me, personally, i went "awwww" on the first one :D (sorry, not helpful hehehe)

Nanzy said...

thanx Nikki I agree with you, somehow when i look #4, the back part seems 'too crowded' hahaha if that makes sense, i think it's either #1 or #3 I'd choose :D

Thanx !

christy. said...

I love 1,4, & 5. Those are some pretty crazy skinsssss.

Nanzy said...

yeah, and the fact that they will give 'hack code' for my i-phone screen to match the skin is even cooler ^_^ thanx for your suggestion, Christy !

Leony said...

Ohhhhh I'm so jealous!!!
I absolutely adore the 1st one!

Nanzy said...

thanx Leony :D arent they pretty? i want them all *gaaaaaaaah*

Anonymous said...


Nanzy said...

thanx anonymous :D wow no.1 seem to be very popular...believe it or not I haven't made up my mind yet -_-'
and thank you for your suggestion, i can narrowed it down to i'm confused between no.1 and no.3 heheh