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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Product Review: Eyeliner

One of disadvantages having droopy eyes is you look sleepy all the time (or my teachers were suspicious about me doing drugs throughout high school T_T), that's why eyeliner is a must for me. Although I'm not wearing eye makeup, I always make sure I wear at least an eyeliner to give some life to my eyes. I seriously look dead (and drugged, according to Aaron) without it.

So I'm doing this review about my staple liquid eyeliner from Revlon.
Product: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
Price: 4/5 ($7.49 @ Ulta)
Packaging: 4/5 (small tube, the tip is pointy)
Result: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Take out the wand and just brush it on your upper lash line, since the tip is very pointy
you wouldn't have problem if you want to create a thin line. Don't worry about the pointy tip applicator, it wouldn't poke you :D

- Pretty cheap (a little bit more expensive than Prestige's tho)
- Goes on straight, dries quickly (in a blink, I swear) and stays
- The pointy (pen-like) applicator
- It's small

- The wand applicator is a tad too long
- Since it dries quickly, when I make a mistake it takes forever to wipe off

Inan sez:
I've had this eyeliner forever, it never failed me :D but I personally don't apply liquid eyeliner in my bottom lash line coz I'm afraid it'd burn me eyez so I don't know what happen if I did and cried hehehe. I just like the fact that it creates a very fine line

I also have a spare pencil eyeliner which I also love, it's from Rimmel, for my bottom lash line, or both upper & bottom if I don't wanna use liquid.

this pencil liner ROCKS my socks, it glides soooo smooth and the color just glides in without having to go back & forth, I spent almost 30 mins trying ALL of eyeliner pencil at Walgreens, and this is the best I found.
L-R: Revlon Liquid, Rimmel Pencil

So there you go, the drugstore brands is just as good as MAC's or Stila's right? why spend more??? ;)


christy. said...

I have the liquid liner too! I LOVE it :D

Nanzy said...

Gosh, Christy...I think we have the same taste :D We should go shopping together LOL

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Is the liquid liner hard to apply? I don't use it, because I have a very unsteady hand! I'm still in search of a good eyeliner, since I have oily lids and lots of times the eyeliner just slides right off. Currently, I'm using the cheap Jordana eyeliners from Walgreens.

Nanzy said...

Believe me, I was hesitant too before I actually tried. I gotta admit it was not easy the first time I tried but over time you'll get use to it, I can guarantee :D You can try applying it by opening your mouth, it'll give you more control..I do that all the time, looking like a freakin fish whenever I apply liquid eyeliner LOL it helps tho.

I dunno abt Jordana, I know Wet'n'Wild ones sucks big time, it got wiped off so easily..this one really stays, Audge..I have hard time removing it sometimes. Prestige's great too and it's only $5.00 just in case you wanna give it a try :D lemme know!