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Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Background & Buff'd Swatches

Yes, I changed the background ^_^ what do you guys think? I like this one better, I love the bohemian pattern hehehe

Today was pretty cloudy here in Hawaii, been rainy for the last 3 days, it makes me lazy going out of the house LOL So as I told you, Buff'd has a wonderful costumer service and they gave me 6 samples for free, including shipping so today I swatch the foundations. I previously chose:
-Warm: Medium shade with balance yellow & pink undertones.
-Buff: Medium shade with subtle yellow undertones.
-Pecan: Medium shade with pink undertones.
-Toffee: Medium-dark shade with balanced yellow and pink undertones.

that was until I realize I have more yellow than pink in my undertones :( so I knew Warm and Pecan wouldn't work on I asked Jen, Buff'd c.s, if I can sample 2 more, so she sent me:
-Saffron: Medium shade with heavier yellow undertones.
-Caramel: Medium-dark shade with subtle yellow undertones.

Here are the swatches:

No Flash

With Flash

I think Warm and Buff are definitely too light whereas Toffee, Saffron and Caramel matches pretty good. I didn't bother swatching Pecan since it'll be too pink for me. Saffron seems to match the best, don't you guys think? but again, my face sometimes can be funny and I have a feeling Caramel will match my face better. Will do test on my face and update with you guys later :D

toodles for now!


Askmewhats said...

based on the pix, saffron matched you the best, as both with flash and without, it "almost" disappears" into your skin tone :D both warm and buff looks nice at first, but warm has a li'l bit of pinkish tone while buff is a li'l bit of yellowish undertone (both are a bit lighter than your skin tone). I would go for Saffron for you :D

Askmewhats said...

ooops i need to add up as well, caramel is nice but there will be days it'll look a bit dark for you! hope this helps! :D

Nanzy said...

Thanx Nikki :D

I agree, Saffron looks the best...but then again, I believe my face is a bit darker than my inner arm...just a little bit, so I guess I have to test those two on my face :D

Thanx for your suggestion!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I like the new page background! I'm in search of new templates too, where did you find this one at?

That's awesome that Jenn sent you two more samples!