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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Joppa Foundation test & Dinner

If you read my previous posts, I'm sure you noticed that I have received gazillions samples from mineral make-up sites (my reasoning: March is MY month LOL), so until now I'm on this 'testing' foundation period, I give a break in between brands since I want to keep track on how my skin reacts.

Last night we went to Japanese dinner buffet @ Pearl City with Aaron's friend Giuseppe and his brother, so I decided it's time for Joppa foundation to be put on the test :D After face primer, I buffed the foundation all over my face therefore I was only left with less spots to conceal, and after I put concealer I buffed another layer of foundation. Bahama Bronzer is the BOMB, ladies...really pretty & gives me a healthy glow. I also try their Finishing Silk after everything. I have to say the coverage is AWESOME and it lasts forever hehehe We went around all day and my face still looked "just put on a make-up" and no shine. AT ALL !! ain't that crazy?

Classy Minerals Face Primer (I love this stuff!)
EDM Spring Concealer
Joppa Medium Tan Foundation
Joppa Finishing Silk in Medium

Joppa Bahama Bronzer (contour & cheekbones)
EDM Email Me Blush (apple cheeks)

Rimmel eyeliner pencil
Maybelline Volum'Express mascara
(yeah I was lazy LOL)

NYX Gold Pink Lipgloss

I love the 'glow' that Joppa foundation gives :D I thought Medium Tan would be too orange (when I swatched on my hands) but it seemed to match just right.

Anyway here's some pics from the dinner

This morning I received the sample of Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 I got from LooseLips. Sherry, the owner, posted her new products on Vox awhile back and asked if someone would like to sample for free :D This moisturizer comes in 3 shades: Sand, Sun, and Radiance. Sand is light, Sun is Medium, Radiance is dark/tan. I got the one in Sun. This moisturizer is oil free and recommended for all skin types. It contains SPF 15 and potent anti-oxidants Vitamin A, C, and E to restore skin's essential moisturizer while providing a natural sheer coverage. She shipped it really fast, I must say ^_^ and she's really nice, sending me another sample of her bronzer and a coupon code for the next purchase.

it's very cute packaging , dont you think? ^_^ I'm keeping it LOL. I will be trying this moisturizer soon and will make some review on it.

Toodles for now!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

ooOo... so many goodies. looks good! :)

Leony said...

You look FAB! Thanks for posting the FOTD!
I need to try the blush myself. I'm using Joppa french toast in winter, I might need to downgrade the shade for summer fndt though.

Anyhoo, you should post your FOTD on MUT!
I'm too lazy to post mine lol

Nanzy said...

Christiana, also got yourself some nice new goodies huh? hehehe

Leony, thank you...I love Joppa's blush! But I was more surprised by their foundations...I swear I didn't expected it to be that great, well I guess it was a pleasant surprise for me ;)

Yeah, me too..searching for a darker shade..but I haven't even tried everything I got so far :( I need to restrain myself LOL

I've noticed MUT seems pretty slow recently huh? whats with people, don't they love makeup anymore??? hehehe i'm just kidding, i forgot people have life...unlike me :( LOL

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hey Nanzy - Sounds like you are a mineral makeup spree!! I've heard about Joppa, but never tried it personally. On a side note, I think Lumiere Veena Velevet made me break out. I've been using it for several weeks and am breaking out in places I wouldn't break out in!! Ahh!!

Nanzy said...

Audge, sorry to hear that Lumiere break you out :( hrm...what could cause it, do you know? What kind of primer do you use? I've been breaking out from hormonal acne :'( but can't say it's from mineral makeups...(i hope not), what acne treatments are you using normally?

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I have no idea what caused me to break out, maybe the oats? LOL...or maybe it's because I stopped my doxy and my acne is coming, I've finally moved on to trying Buff'd.