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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm tagging myself LOL

Things I'm passionate about
- Mi familia :D
- Aaron the bubs
- Finding HG for my skin care
- War paint a.k.a makeup
- Fashion
- Ocean
- Coffee
- A good shoes

- Dim Sum (I swear, I eat dim sum like there's no tomorrow)

Things I'd like to do before I die:
- Have kids and watch them grow
- Visit Egypt, Greece and France
- Take my mom & siblings to go tour somewhere :D
- Have my second honeymoon
- Be ACTUALLY happy and not worried abt anything

Things I say often:
- O'wow & O'crap! (interchangeably...)
- Baby you're so cute I can eat you...(yeah I'm scary, sue me)
- Why dontchu love meeeh? (followed with puppy eyes & pout)
- I'm hungry!! (at least 4x a day)
- I'm sleepy (usually comes after 'I'm hungry')

Books I've read recently:
- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallow by u-kno-who
- 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed by Melissa P. (i love erotica mwahaha)
- I Wish They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max (i never laughed as hard)
- Delta of Venus by Anais Nin
- Hawaii's Driving Instruction Book (don't ask)

Songs I could listen to over & over:
- When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne (makes me cry more than once)
- Irreplaceable by Beyonce
- Officially Missing You by Tamia
- Somewhere Over the Rainbow by ANYONE WHO SINGS IT :P
- Winding Road by Kobukuro (in Japanese)
- Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold
- any of Lily Allen's (I'm strangely drawn into her accent LOL)

Traits I'm attracted to in my friends:
- Silliness
- Similar interest
- Loyalty
- Respect
- Trust
- Craziness
- Honesty
- I hate girls who are too 'interfering', I lost my good friend coz she couldn't mind her own business...*sigh*

these are some of my old pics with my girls, I LOVE my girlfriends, they're super funny!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Awww...great pics! You want to go on a second honeymoon? Meaning that you already went to one??!

Oh, and you still didn't tell me where you got your blogger template from? =) I'm getting excited for HI...I have to look for a new swimsuit.

Nanzy said...

hahaha by saying that i meant i hope i'll be old enough and still love each other like today to go for 2nd honeymoon :D LOL You know those elder couples who still hold hands and look into each other's eyes as if nothing changed from 20 years ago?

i wanna be those elder couples heheh ain't it weird?

oh i only changed the background, audge...and this background i've had for a long time now, i even use it for my youtube channel, only it is the pink version of this (god bless photoshop) yeah i editted the HTML and found the link to the old background, and changed it to my own)

YAY for HI !!! I'm excited too hahaah idk why..

Askmewhats said...

I love those pix!!!! It brings back old memories eh? Well..Iam so into family as well so traveling with them around the world will be my ultimate dream :) thanks for this nice post :) i enjoyed reading this

Nanzy said...

aw thanx :D yeah those silly pics really bring back silly memories LOL