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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Stuffs to Do with your i-Tunes

Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if they don't make sense. You'll be surprised though.NO CHEATING!

I'm tagging:

1.How am I feeling today?
Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold (woke up furiously at 2 pm, just too difficult to swallow)

2. Will I get far in life?
Promise - Vanessa Hudgens (yes, I promise myself hahaha)

3.How do my friends see me?
Selfish - N'SYNC (woopsie...I swear I'm not T_T this game lies !!!)

4.Where will I get married?
Come Clean - Hilary Duff (errr? do I need to?)

5.What is my best friend's theme song?
Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin (they are <3)

6.What is the story of my life?
Dirty Laundry - Bitter:sweet (hahahaahahah ok I love this game again!)

7.What was/is high school like?
Irreplacable - Beyonce (thats freakin times back then)

8. What is the best thing about me?
I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Fat Man Scoop & Lumidee (move. okay.)

9. What is today going to be like?
One Last Cry- Justin Timberlake (I hope not .. )

10. What is in store for this weekend?
Love Song - Sara Bareilles

11. What song describes my parent(s)?
Battle - Colbie Caillat (ok it's scarily true)

12. To describe my grandparents?
Get This Party Started - P!nk (LOL really?)

13. How is my life going?
I Don't Need a Man - Pussycatdolls (are you serious??? ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS??)

14. What song will they play at my funeral?
The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani (that's ridiculous LMAO)

15.How does the world see me?
The Nicest Kids in Town- Hairspray OST (amen, I've been'd you all know?)

16. Will I have a happy life?
Oops I Did it Again - Britney Spears (I take it as a YES)

17. What do my friends really think of me?
Two as One - Crystal Kay

18. Do people secretly lust after me?
Scandalous - Misteeq (again, I take it as a YES lol)

19. How can I make myself happy?
Sexy Naughty Bitchy - Tata Young (been here done that)

I swear I didn't cheat LOL


Askmewhats said...

Hi Nanzy, thanks for the tag, I answered already! :D It was funny!

christy. said...

Haha sounds like fun :D I'll do this as soon as I get my ipod back from my bf. hehe