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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FOTD: Spring Greens

Last night we FINALLY went to Senor Frogs club in Waikiki, and I decided to try some of pigments I've had. After I finished doing my eyes, I was like " looks similar to my last FoTD LOL" but of course, I used different stuffs. This time I decided to use some of my NYXs greens and Swim with the Fishes from She Space, I love the combination although in this coming pics the colors seem to fade just a little bit (I took pics when I got home) so bare with me, I look slightly tired & crazy LMAO.

I got my halter top from Ross which is a store that sells some branded clothing with crazy deals..this green halter is from XOXO, the original price was $44.00 but I got this for $8.99 :D
I like it alot, it reminds me of Cleopatra somehow. LOL...

MAC Prep + Prime
Classy Minerals Tan Bisque Concealer
Classy Minerals Tan Liquid Foundation

Taylor Made Minerals Kalahari bronzer

NYX Kiwi (inner to middle lid & tear duct)
Taylor Made Minerals Marsh (applied wet, middle lid)
The She Space Swim with the Fishes (applied wet. outter lid)
NYX Mermaid Green (outter V up to the crease & lower lash line)
MAC Blacktied (slightly blended on top of Mermaid Green)
NYX Mink Brown (highlight the brow bones)
Wet'n'Wild Dark Brown eyebrow pencil
Rimmel Black pencil eyeliner (upper & lower lash line)
Maybelline Full'n'Soft mascara

NYX Lipgloss Natural

Spotlight stealer >.< Gosh I looked tired!

After Senor Frogs we went to Walmart coz Giuseppe had to take a leak *ehm*booze*ehm* and all of the sudden I was craving for I went nuts and grabbed these:
Yes, I'm a sweet tooth 0.o

This is my first time walking out of Walmart with sweets, not makeups LOL


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I love Ross. Haha. I always go shopping there. LOL. Lately though, I've been a Fashion Q whore. LOL. Dunno. o_0 This look is very pretty. :D Greens really compliment your skintone nicely! :) I like it. :D I have a HUGE sweet tooth too! If you have a Tokyo Wako near you, try their fried ice cream. It is AWESOMMMEEEEEEE! LOL. :)

Nanzy said...

hahahaahha HOLLA for sweet tooths! I don't have Tokyo Wako tho T_T and I've been wanting to try fried ice cream..dang! oh well...i'll stick with Cold Stone for now heheh btw tomorrow Ben & Jerry's having a free cone day !!!

and thanx, I love greens too..I have tons of them, I dunno how to wear them anymore LAWL

but yeah, we don't have Fashion Q here *sob sob* there's Nordstrom Rack tho...GAAAAAAAAAAAH i love shopping!

christy. said...

Love the look! :) You should go to Compadres down at Ward. They have fried ice cream :D It's so sinful.

Anonymous said...

COol! Look! I have a question planning on getting the MAC prep and prime face primer, jsut wondering, how do you like it??

Fabu-less Beauty said...

You look so cute! Cute top too! I love Ross also - yah for bargain shopping!! I didn't know there's a Senor Frog in HI. I went to one in was an interesting

Fabu-less Beauty said...
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Fabu-less Beauty said...

Oops...I posted Delete the other one.

Nanzy said...

Anonymous: I love Prep + Prime, I've used it for a while now and it left my skin smooth & silky as a base for my mineral foundations, luckily I haven't broken out from it but if I ran out I might try Monistat's since it's cheaper and contains similar active ingredients which is Dimethicone.

Audge: Yeah, we have Senor Frogs in here in Waikiki so mainly tourists go there ^_^ it's fun tho...they always have something going on every night. You should check it out when you come down!

Askmewhats said...

OHMIGOODNESS!!! I love that Chips Ahoy!!! White Fudge Chunky, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Panda and POCKY!!! I don't have sweet tooth, but if I have the ever sweet tooth cravings, those are the top 3 I would choose!!!! aawwww!