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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blush Whoring -continued-

I seriously have no idea what happened to me but I can't stop sampling blushes. I promised one of my friend in Japan who reads my blog once every now & then that I wouldn't be buying more samples for a while now since I thought I was all set.


Yeah who am I kidding, right? She even said "We'll see, Inan...I'll just have to read your post!" LOL So after lemming for quite some time (read: an hour and a half), I decided to sample some more blushes from LaurEss. I have heard about their ongoing sale and the newest 'Minimalist Foundation' line but I don't feel like sampling any foundation at the mo', so I didn't even bother checking them.. hehe

I only sample 4 shades: 2 Simply Matte, 2 Candle Lights. (Shipping: $1.30)

Exhilaration (SM)

Attraction (SM)
Decadence (CL)
Uninhibited (CL)
*all pictures are courtesy of LaurEss*

My best friend (who is also still in Japan, getting her master degree) has just been introduced to MMU (by me LOL) and I was helping her choosing some good starter samples from various brands, and while guiding her to The She Space for eye pigments, I was also tempted to place my 2nd order. After I looked around I decided to try their Custom Pigment Bar and since I'm not too crazy about glitters & all that jazz, I chose not to add any twinkles.

I got 4 Custom Bar pigments, 1 regular eye pigment, and of course, 1 blush ^_^ (Shipping: $1.00)

Custom Pigment Bar
Lives for Drama
Pushing Daisies
Modified Chaos
Social Misfit

Eye Pigment
Gothic Glamour


Passion Dance

*all pictures are courtesy of The She Space*


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOoo... very nice. I can't wait to see all your swatches! :) And of course, I can't wait for all of your blush swatches as well. :D

Nanzy said...

thanx, hun...i can't wait either! hehehe

Askmewhats said...

wow...blush addict :) hehehe you can't have lots of just can't...hehehe as long asa you use's ok :) no worries about it..blush whore! hehehhe

Nanzy said...

hahah thanx Nikki, yes I'm a blush whore...sue me! LAWL