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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garden of Wisdom Haul 2nd Order


Today I was sooo happy when I made a visit to the mailbox and found the box sent from Markey Martin !!! woo hoo !!! my Garden of Wisdom stuffs have arrived ! I ALMOST ran back to my room and open the package:

What I got:
1. GoW Cleansing Oil
2. Melissa Lemonbalm Hydrosol
3. Rosacea Serum
4. Immortelle HA Serum 1%
5. Chardonnay Seed Oil
6. GoW Manuka Honey 15+
7. One small dropper (for my oil)

and Markey threw in free sample of GoW Oats, Milk, and Honey Cleanser :D hurray!

My New Love

hehe I dunno why I'm so effin' excited about these, I guess because I am purging at the moment and have been waiting for a good trustworthy natural treatment for my skin, so these stuffs are like a heaven-sent! :)

Later on I went to Don Quijote to check on some stuffs and ended up buying two more NYX Lipstick (I'm so bad), the color is Hermes and Chambord. When I compare the two, they look so similar, only Hermes is a matte color. But when I swatch them, I totally see the difference :) The reason I bought these two is because when I do swatches yesterday I realized I have mostly pink lipstick and I thought one or two more nude/brown color wouldn't hurt, now would it?

... LOL yeah I'm just making excuses to shop! so excuse me, ladies...

The Brown Sisters

The Swatches



Here's some lip-test :D

I paired it with Cherry Culture Lipgloss for a kick :)

I paired Chambord with Kirkland Roseberry, I love the sparkle

Note: I didn't apply chapstick or anything prior so excuse the slightly dry lips :)


Vanessa said...

Hi Nanzy! How are you? Just wanted to personally thank you for your kind words, it really meant the world to me. You are such a sweetie pie!
And YAY for Hauls!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great Haul! Are we supose to get a confirmation email from Mario Badescu about the sample order?
Hey, have you ever been to the Le Sport Sac Outlet in HI? I want a tokidoki bag, but it's discontinued here.

Nanzy said...

no problem, know you got us (or me hehe) thats right, Yay for Hauls!! hehe

Anonymous said...

hi i've been readin your blog for a while now and i think it's great. anyway, can't wait til you do a review on your GoW haul, most especially the cleansing oil. =)

Anonymous said...

it's the same anonymous again,lol, if you don't mind sharing, how much did your shipping cost from gow?

Nanzy said...

Hi anonymous, thanx so much for making time reading my blog ^_^ Will definitely do lotsa reviews, I'm just starting with Immortelle HA for now as I don't want my skin to freak out with too many new stuffs at once :)

so keep reading!

Nanzy said...

Hi anonymous (again) LOL you shd change your name to Anonymous -the famous- or something so I can distinguish you hahah

it costs me around $3.00 :) but I supposed if you order more or heavier it can go up til around $4.00

yup, very reasonable..and Markey is very nice, she always throw in free samples :)

Askmewhats said...

Hey there, i love love love you lips especially if you pair it with gloss, I always pair my lipstick with glosses, as my lips are super dry!!!! it really does make a difference as seen in your photos :)

maha said...

haha, thanks for the response. anonymous the famous, that'd be great,lol. let me just introduce myself instead, my name's maha from miami. =)

Nanzy said...

Thanx Nikki :) It does change the color with lipgloss huh? I love experimenting & pairing up LOL

Yay glad to know your name..again thanx for commenting, I really appreciate it. You know your name in Indonesian (my mother language) means "Grand / Majestic" o.O