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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walgreens Haul & Swatches Dupe

Hello again,

So Walgreen is having a BOGO sale on their L'oreal HIP items and some others like:
BOGO 50% off on Almay
BOGO sale on Maybelline Foundation, Blush, Concealer, and Powder

I think they have it for at least a week, I'm not so sure, and it may varies on your local Walgreens. Well, I went to grab some stuffs:

HIP eyeshadow in Showy and cream eyeliner in Eggplant:
When I finally got home and swatch the light shade of Showy, it reminds me of Urban Decay Peace so I decided to compare them, along with the swatches of Showy. (I don't have M.A.C Parrot so I don't have a say on that dupes, or which one's closer)
Swatches w/out flash:
UD Peace & HIP Showy (flash):
Honestly I don't think they're dead-on dupes, indeed they're similar but I think Showy has more greenish tint in it, whereas Peace tend to go to bluish shade.

Oh, and I depotted my NYX Trios Golden-Rush-Walnut Bronze to my MAC palette, idk I've been having it for my Black Tied e/s for a while and I haven't bought any other MAC lately so my Black Tied looks lonely all the time hehehe for that reason, I decided to give it some companies. I used Enkoremakeup's technique (no heat) and i must say, it's FREAKIN' hard, I messed up my Walnut Bronze coz I'm such an impatience person and (thank God) he also prepared a "How to mend your cracked e/s from depotting" video heheheh I love him.

(Walnut Bronze's in bottom right) yeah, it looks kinda retarded but oh well, I did my best mwahahah

I ordered many The She Space eye pigments a while back and they should be here pretty soon, can't wait.



Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo! very pretty colors. I have that HIP duo... but unfortunately I haven't put it to good use yet. I probably should. LOL. :P Do let me know how you like that purple HIP liner. :) I've been contemplating on getting one in a nice and funky color. Hah. :D The bright green/tealish liner I used in my rockstar look is actually a cheapo liquid liner that I found laying around in my makeup box, and forgot about. LOL. I know, it gets bad when you FORGET that you have certain things. Oy. LOL. Anyway, It's Wet N' Wild's Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in #863. :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

p.s. thanks for linking me. :) I've linked you as well. :D

christy. said...

Hello :) I'm new to your blog but I love it already! Another Islander yay me too :) Hope to keep in touch <3

Mari said...

HEY WOMAN! It's La Mari from MUT. I love that color. It does look better on Urban Decay's e/s though.

Nanzy said...

Mari !!! Hi, girl...thanx for visiting my blog & commenting ^_^ Yeah somehow Showy has more dimension, like from aqua to teal... sometimes you never know with Drugstore brand quality!! : )

How u been? I'm waiting for your blog hehehehe