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Saturday, March 29, 2008

She Space, EDM testing & Walmart Haul

Hello pretty ladies,

I am so excited to share you what I've received SHE SPACE eye pigments samples !!!! yay yay !!!

It's funny coz about 5 mins ago I checked Christiana's blog and she got hers today as well....two girls were uber excited today then :D

Here's what I got:

lovely note from Heather :D

1st row: Shot the Messenger, Save the Trolls, Lack of Sanity, Acid Reign
2nd row: Lucky Charm, Chasing Mystery, Far Too Fabulous, Kiss the Frogs
3rd row: Swim with the Fishes, One Dark Night, Convicted, Chasing Rainbows

I actually got another one called "Asylum", here I placed it side to side with Lucky Charm since they're in the same lines called "Powdered Diamond Dust", and check out the sparkly diamonds in them:

I haven't done swatches since I haven't bought glycerin to make my mixing later in the evening I went out with my bf Aaron to watch the new movies "21" @ Ward Center and made a short visit to Walmart.

Here's me in a car while testing my new Everyday Minerals foundation in Medium Tan and the concealer in Spring....not to shabby eh?
Question: What does a girl do in a car, waiting in traffic, and bored?
taking pictures !!! LOL LOL

The movie was pretty good, based on true story about an MIT senior students who earned money from gambling in Vegas playing Black Jacks...i wished i had his brain hehehe
After that we went to Walmart coz there were some things I wanted to get, one of them is a divider container where I can store my mineral samples coz I've been sampling like crazy recently and now they're getting piled up in my tiny black makeup box.

I found this Wire Mash Storage Tray which is initially meant for your kitchen LOL but it looked perfect, and guess what, it's only $7.00 !!! Here's the picture of my new baby already filled in with my sh..t ^_^
pretty spacey huh?

and here's other stuffs I bought:
I got the Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Shampoo since I've heard a lot of good review about it and it smells like heaven (raspberry!!!) and it was $5.36 for that big bottle. I got Aquafina Hydrating Facial Spray because some girls in Mineral Makeup Talk were saying Walmart MAY stopped carrying Aquafina Skin Care lines, and I've tried their Balancing Toner (which I love) so I thought, hey...I'd give this one a try. Another reason is because I need some sort of Fix Spray to set my mineral foundation and touch up here & there.

The other two are Simply Basics Cotton Bouquet Body Mist (trial size, $1.86) and the Glycerin (around $3.00) which I've been searching for a while now. I went to Walgreens for that and the S.A was like "Glycerin? What's that???" *doh*

hmmm ok so i guess i'll be making my mixing medium tomorrow and hopefully make some swatches ; )

nite2 now !!!



christy. said...

Ooh I love your new storage! :) I'm excited to see your swatches with your mixing medium.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hehehe. I have some of the same samples as you from my past sample haul from the she space. I have "Save the Trolls", "Acidic Reign", "Far Too Fabulous", "Swim with the Fishes", and "Chasing Rainbows". :)

I can't wait to see your swatches! :D "Shot the Messenger" looks gorgeous as well as "Lack of Sanity". Woo hoo! Excited. :D

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hey there! Lumiere shipping is about $3, so it's a little bit more expensive. I might try out their healing concealer, if they ever get another time of promo. How do you like the Long Relationship shampoo? I honestly haven't used Herbal Essences in ages! I'm not loyal to shampoo brands...hehe.

Oh, let me know how you like the HIP cream eyeliner from the other post. I'm debating between HIP cream liners or the indelible cream liners. Sorry for the many questions! You update your blog so often!! I admit that I'm kinda lazy in posting pics.


Nanzy said...

Hey Audge
I kinda wanted to try their foundations...and blushes...and some more stuffs hahaha Do you like it? I'm contemplating between Lumiere and Elegant Minerals *scratches head*

The shampoo is great....I adore the smell...and I've noticed today after I washed my hair with it, my hair feels bouncier & shinier...(i sound like an ad, dont i? LOL) but really...I like this one, and theres this one famous hairstylist mentioned Herbal Essence really addresses their products to specific type of hairs, so the whole "for long hair",colored, or the helo hydration lines really works on their own way.

.....yes, i really sound like a freakin' ad LOL

I've had these pics lying around so I figured I'll just put them here so I can delete them from my camera hehehehe dont worry, I'm lazy'll see ^_^