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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Joppa Free Shipping !!

Today after I came back from Costco with full tummy (gotta love foods sample!! LOL), I had an urge to check mineral sites, Joppa minerals was the first site I checked and I was pretty ecstatic to know that THEY HAVE A FREE SHIPPING offer which ends March 27 midnight. Yes, tonight !!!

I've been eyeing on their blushes and since they offer $0.75 sample bag I thought, hey why not? So I read around about their products and some say Joppa blushes are actually a tad darker than the picture, and I also gotta make sure I wouldn't order similar shades of blushes I have from other sites.

I narrowed down to 4 choices:

1. Makayla

2. Savannah

3. Earthen Rose

4. Bahama Bronzer
Isn't Bahama Bronzer pretty? I figured Spring has started so I'd better get into the groove ; P

Oh and guess what......My Everyday Minerals order came today!!!! *jumpin for joy*
I wanted to make sure I order the right shade this time so I've been joining their EDM forum and mailing list to ask the more knowledgeable girls out there, and based on their advise and my own experience with previous 'too-light on everything' EDM 1st trial, I ordered:
*EDM Foundation: Buttered Tan
*EDM Foundation: Sandy Medium
*EDM Foundation: Medium Tan
*EDM Concealer: Spring
*EDM Blush: Sunday Brunch

and apart from the free kit I included: their FAMOUS Flat Top Brush and their big empty mixing jar with sifter.

The Whole Items
Free Kit:
Flat Top:
look how dense it is:
and omaigod, you's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft, i swear it feels like velvet, i even brush it on my bf's hand and he agreed on how soft it is :D for $10.00, it's a steal really...

so yeah I tried the foundation kit and it seems like Medium Tan suits me the best. The Sunday Brunch blush is very gorgeous, i can see how it can be too pigmented on lighter skin tone and even on me, i had to apply it with very light hand (and a fan brush LOL), it came out really pretty and gave me a healthy berry pink cheek.

I definitely love EDM and although some girls prefer heavier coverage, I'm still pleased with their overall finishing quality. So it's a keeper for me. YAY !


Leony said...

woOt! Those blushes are just pretty!
The Bahama Bronzer is definitely gorgeous!
Thanks for the pics!

Nanzy said...

^_^ yeah I can't wait for them...hopefully they show up ok on my face, sometimes having a medium-dark skin can be annoying coz those pretty blushes doesn't do anything on my cheek hehehe

Fabu-less Beauty said...

How's the flat top brush? I'm debating between the flat top brush or long handled kabuki. They look so nice!! Do you remember how much shipping was?

Nanzy said...

Audge, I'm loving my flat top a point I wanna marry it LOL LOL

Seriously, it is sooo soft you have no idea...I personally don't have the long handled kabuki but I heard it's as great..I dont really remember where I read it but theres this poll about choosing between these 2 brushes and the Flat Top won by a few vote.

For me, it feels like I can pick up the MMU more evenly and when I buff, it covers more area...maybe it's just me tho...

I have kabuki and I use it more to blend my bronzer/blush...and interchangeably with Flat Top for foundation.

shipping was around $5.00 since I ordered all these stuffs, but they're having 10% off now..u shd check it out !!!