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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The She Space swatches

So I finally have a chance to make my own mixing medium, now that I got my Glycerin. I was preparing the tools and realized I have many travel containers lying around know before you travel, you feel that you need to buy one small spray bottle but when you actually get to the store you end up buying the whole set coz the mini bottles just look too cute.... yeah, you know what I mean...LOL

Ok, so here's what I use:

Ta-da !!!! the tiny winy mixing medium drop bottle !

As I promised, I made some swatches for my pretty pigments I got yesterday, all from The She Space, and I must say the mixing medium makes a whole lot of difference on pigment's vibrancy and it stays like there's no tomorrow hehehe

You can click on the pictures to enlarge it :D

direct sunlight (no flash)

with flash

The colors show up nicely on camera but they are even more vibrant in person, and for those pigments on the very right (Asylum, and Lucky Charm), these pics couldn't really capture the sparkly diamonds, thats why it shows up kinda blah. Asylum has a gorgeous green sparkle and Lucky Charm has purple tints. I bet it'll be a very pretty liner ; )

Hope you guys like it !



Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOooOOOOOOOooooOoo! I LOVEEEEE "Lack of Sanity" but it kinda reminds me of my sample of "Make Believe". I wish I had the two to compare. LOL. :) I also love "Shot the Messenger". :D

Thankums for the swatches. :D Very pretty! :)

I TOTALLY agree about the mixing medium making a HUGE difference in the vibrancy and staying power of the piggies. I actually conducted a picture experiment today using the piggies WITHOUT a mixing medium... it was a HUGE difference. I posted the comparative pics on my blog if you're interested. :D

laras said...

i adore "far too fabulous" and "save the trolls",,, wud be perfect for a nite out seducing those pretty boys huh?? damn japan for not having such beauty products with reasonable prices,, awwwwwww,,

christy. said...

Oooh sexy colors. Did you add any water to your glycerin?

Nanzy said...

Christy: yeah, hun...i made the mixing medium just like everyone else... 1 part glycerin 3 parts water : D

yeah those colors are gorgeous..i cant wait to play around heheh

Vanessa said...

Pretty swatches! Thanks for posting this, very helpful when ordering haha

Nanzy said...

You're more than welcome, Nessa...I'm glad you find it helpful. These are really pretty colors and now I want to try more from She Space (I haven't even use these one T_T bad bad me)