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Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 Beyooouty Crimes !

I was tagged by Audge :D thanx and sorry for being such a big ass procrastinator on this, so here we go:

#1 I looooooooooooove coffee. not just love, looooooooooove ^_^! seriously, I used to drink coffee everyday, sometimes maybe twice a day...and I remember one time I went crazy and had 6 cups, just in one day. My mom is a food chemistry lecturer and she knew exactly what an excessive caffeine can do to people, so one time she warned me and ever since I've been trying to restrain myself. But one interesting fact she told me, is that TEA actually contains more caffeine. So yeah...i dunno abt that hehehe. I've noticed the more I drink coffee the more frequent breakouts I got, not to mention coffee MAKES ME SWEAT like a pig. That'd be wise not to drink coffee as often during summer now hmmm?

#2 I plucked my hair. Weird huh? It all started when I didn't really take care of my hairs and I had many split ends, I used to plucked hairs with split ends, unhealthy hair (the curly, rough surface, dry and frizzy) and somehow the pain is addictive. Gosh I'm so weird hahahaahaha I guess it's the same idea with those people who can't stop plucking their eyebrows. But I haven't reached that extreme level, coz I still have thick hair (thank God for good genes) and now I try just to remove the split ends without having to take the whole hair out.

#3 I always forgot when I should change contact lenses. Grossss, I know...and one time I kept using this old lenses, apparently it got dried up and without me realizing it, it's been scratching my eyeballs badly for quite sometime, and my eyes were super red. During summer at that year, I had a hard time staring at direct light, even watching TV hurts my eyes, so I went to Optometrist to get my eyes checked. She made a prescriptions and I had to put a gel inside my eyes (like and eyedrop, but gel.....ew hahaha) and I couldn't wear contacts for 3 months. Oh well, I guess lesson learnt.

#4 I used one sponge for my MAC loose powder and Liquid Foundation for a year. Yes, one sponge for one year, doing double jobs. That's really unforgivable when I think about it now.... : P

#5 Picking on zits. C'mon...who doesn't do that?????? But I've stopped now ^_^


Fabu-less Beauty said...

hey nanzy...I have the same problem with split ends. I cut the bad ends off. But wow..I can't believe you drank 6 cups of coffee in a day. Caffeine really affects me, especially from Starbucks. I can't drink coffee after 11am or else I'm wired the whole day and can't sleep.

Nanzy said...

yeah i couldn't believe was madness, 6 cups. Caffeine really does nothing to me anymore, tho...i drink coffee during lunch time and i still sleep early hahahahah i'm weird.

i'm glad school is over for me coz i dunno what i would do if i need to stay up T_T