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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lick Me All Over ^_^

I'm a total sucker for anything smells good, either food, lipstick, or men. LOL..i'm serious, that makes a huge different for me to make a judgment :D

I've been a perfume collector, i think i got it from my mom, whenever she goes abroad she always buy perfumes in Duty Free Shop since it's tax free, so i'm pretty used to smelling many perfumes without getting dizzy. My sister on the other hand HATES perfume, i mean, not even a body spray, weird huh. For me it's another 'fun time' walking around perfume sections at malls or sephora, trying out new perfume, i seriously can spend hours in the same spot hahahah.

So when my birthday came, i wanted to get perfumes for myself, and i decided to get either "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker, "L" by L.A.M.B's Gwen Stef, "Cherry Blossom" by L'occitane, or my(and Aaron's, my bf) all time fav, "Happy Heart" by Clinique. After months of trying out, thinking, and contemplating, I finally got L.A.M.B. But you know, I actually want everything LOL so when I found out Lure Beauty sells knock-off designer fragrance, i was literally JFJ (read: jumping for joy).

I really like Lure Beauty variety of fragrance, not just for perfumes but also for body lotions, body butter, shower gel, and sugar scrub. I visited their site and ordered some goodies:
1. Victoria's Secret Type body mist "Body" $6.25
2. Sarah Jessica Parker perfume oil "Lovely" $6.99
(yay yay yay for me)
3. Lick Me All Over sugar scrub sample $3.25
(gotta love the name !)

and today, THEY HAVE ARRIVED !!!Honestly I've never smelt Victoria's Secret "Body" so I can't make any judgment on how similar this knock-off is, but it smells so fresh and revitalizing. "Lovely" smells just like lovely hehehe, and it stays all day. Lick Me All Over (one of the best seller) smells so yummy, it's a mix of Raspberry, Melon and Citrus ^_^.

And guess what they also sent me, 5 SAMPLES !!
And my Ocean Mist samples also came, I ordered foundation shades in Honey, Tahiti, and Bamboo, a 24K bronzer, Seafoam Green color corrector concealer, and Mineral Finish in Dark Tinted.
L-R (1st Row): Bamboo, Honey, Tahiti
(2nd Row): Dark Tinted, Seafoam Green, 24K

Hurray for new goodies !


Fabu-less Beauty said...

I think my next vacation will be in some part of Asia, probably Thailand so I can get spa-ed and pampered for like $1...well maybe not $1...hehe. Anyways, as for Lumiere, it hasn't broken me out yet, but I'm going to write a review about them FINALLY probably over the weekend..but Luminesse is way too sheer for me and Veena Velvet is a pretty good fit for me...

I'm tempted to buy the lipsticks from Cherryculture, but then like shipping will kill you...and I don't think I will spend $40 on makeup to get free shipping...


Nanzy said...

Hi Audge ! (yay now i know your name)

Thailand sounds great, girl...I've been there, it's all nice but since Thai and Indonesia share some similar cultures so i wasn't that wow-ed too much, but it was really enjoyable and their beaches are pretty! might wanna try since they sell NYX with free shipping, but i dont remember i saw their lipsticks, oh well...just in case you wanna get their shadows or smthn :D