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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter !!!

Hi all...

I have a lot to share you guys :D, couple of weeks ago i ordered Silk Naturals (SN) foundation kits along with their Love Lure perfecting powder, but ever since i heard some people MIGHT be allergic to Silk, hence, causing breakouts, i was a little bit hesitant.

As all you know, SN Perfect Harmony Foundation starter kits includes the big jar, a small spoon, the white powder, all 3 shades (Ebony, Warm Gold, Buttery Gold) and a perfecting powder. I went ahead and ordered sample of Love Lure since it is supposed to be "better that Date Bait", and I've been wanting to try Date yeah.(sorry i forgot to include the Perfecting Powder in the pic)

Once i got my kits, i started mixing the white powder with all my Ebony (since i was really sure that what matches my skin best) and only left one scoop each for Warm & Buttery Gold. After i shake shake and mix mix (ya know what i mean), it still looked kinda light in the jar...and when i tried it on my face....YES, IT DOES LOOK LIGHT AND PINK on me.

Gahhhhhhhhhhh what a bummer! I felt really stupid for not testing it little by little...but lesson learnt. I almost gave up & was thinking of ordering another batch, I looked at my Warm Gold and Buttery Gold and was wondering if I could mix one of those to my wasted big jar of Ebony-mix. I decided to pour Warm Gold since Buttery Gold looks kinda greenish heheh...and guess what, IT WORKS !!! mwahahahahahha I was really surprised when I tried it on, it sinked in my skin right away ^_^
My 'hybrid' foundation
My Ebony mix-mistake + Warm Gold = .....?
I tried them on today, and I must say I am very happy with the silkiness feeling on my face. The only cons I could say is after a while my face feels kinda oily and greasy, but then I remember I forgot to put on the Perfecting Powder, so I did, and face stays matte for couple of hours. Yes, ok I look like Oompa Loompa abit, but no it's not the foundation that makes me looks orange, it's the sunlight hehehehe.

Btw I did my eyes using my new NYX eyeshadows, so here I'm gonna list what I wore:

Ocean Mist Seafoam Concealer (covering my redness)
EDM Intensive Medium Concealer (under eye)
SN Mix Ebony-Warm Gold Foundation
SN Perfecting Powder
SN Climax Blush (really pretty)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: Yogurt
NYX e/s: Golden Poppy (inner corner to middle lid)
NYX e/s: Sunset (middle to outter lid and crease)
NYX e/s: Mink Brown (as a highlighter)
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal eye pencil: Jet Black (upper lash line and water line)
Maybelline Full n'Soft Mascara

NYX Lipgloss: Beige

I haven't curled my eyelashes in this one, but this is the best eye picture I could get, so yeah....need some close-up picture taking practice hehehe. And somehow I like this color combined together for my eyes, it feels like I'm ready for Spring. Are you all????


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Happy Easter to you too! Let us know how Silk Naturals works for you. As for me, it didn't. Your face looks flawless and clear. So my friends and I are going to island hop in HI, but we're debating between Hawai'i and Kauai. Any suggestions?


Nanzy said...

Hey Audge,

Silk Naturals has been feeling good on my skin, i like the finish and silky texture, since I've only been using it for 3 days, I can't really make a final judgment yet, but I don't seem to get irritated by silk, *fingers crossed*

You must be excited for your trip huh? ^_^ I'd recommend the big island, Hawai'i..since it's bigger and more things to see and do. They have a very nice cave canoe if you love nature :D

thanx, my skin is nowhere near flawless or clear...believe me, I always have breakouts no matter what hehehe

cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

Hi Nanzy! I think you are really pretty, I love your tan. :) I am just wondering how long does Silk Naturals stay on your face? I can't get it to last 4 hours...:( Thank you and I keep coming back to this blog, please keep it up. ^_^

Nanzy said...

Hello :) thank you for your compliments!!! SN stays on me for about 5 hours *I have very oily skin* but the next time I put on finishing dust BEFORE the foundation to absorb oil, and the foundation last longer!
^_^ maybe u shd try and see what happens!

btw u speak japanese? 私も!