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Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm in love....

...with Pure Luxe Calamine Bar Soap !!! I've been switching from my beloved Purpose (by Johnson&Johnson) cleanser to this little baby for a week now and OHMYGOSH i love it. This soap really moistened my skin without the 'tight' feeling and although the smell is kinda funky, i believe that's all because the natural ingredients which didn't go through chemical process. Well, in my book, that's good :D

Having said that, now i kinda want to branch out and try out natural soap bar out there, recently I visited Garden of Wisdom (GoW), and I have to say....God bless GoW. I seriously read their sites for a one full day and every single click to their product I was like "oh...i think i need this one too"
(-_-') They offer this finished product and after hearing raves about some of them, I decided to order:
1. Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser 4.oz
2. Pineapple Hydrating Mist 4.oz
3. Chamomile German Hydrosol 1.oz

It cost me around $21.60 including shipping. not bad, but I kinda wanna try SOAP BAR and since they don't have that, I searched some sites which carry natural soap bar. Northwest Orca closed down so I was a little bit disappointed, they mentioned Pure Luxe will continue carrying some of their soaps but when I checked Pure Luxe sites they said Calamine Bar Soap was OUT OF ORDER.

So I did some more searching and I ended up with these two sites:
Etsy and Chagrin Valley

They have humongous variety of handmade soap and they're cheap !! I haven't ordered anything yet coz I wanna make sure of WHICH ONE TO GET.

Anyway, today I went out with my bf and met another friends of ours who's gonna go back to Japan tomorrow. I decided to try out my Silk Natural foundation again, and oddly enough, it looked a little bit too dark today. Maybe I didn't get enough lighting yesterday or something, but after I put on the perfecting powder, it blended in nicely.

EDM Intensive Medium (under eye)
SN Ebony-Warm Gold mix
SN Climax Blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Hot Pink (inner corner up to the middle lid)
NYX Purple (middle lid to crease)
Rimmel Soft Kajal Kohl Pencil: Jet Black
Maybelline Full n'Soft mascara
Ardell Heated Eyelashes curler

Wet'n'Wild Lipliner #712
NYX Beige


Fabu-less Beauty said...

That soap bar sounds that it will work pretty well. Does it remove makeup as well? And I'm assuming it doesn't make you break out. Oh, and I have Full N' Soft as well, but haven't used it yet.

Btw..I just tagged you to list your 5 beauty crimes if any...

Nanzy said...

honestly i haven't tried the soap directly to remove my makeups, but i will definitely try it next time and let you know :D it's been doing its job really well keeping my skin less-oily and moisture tho', i'm happy with that.

Full'n'soft is great since it holds my curl really well, u shd def get on it !!! hehehe

and thanx for tagging me...*YAY YAY*