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Monday, June 24, 2013

NOTD - Mother Earth

I'm baaaaaaack!!!!!

I know, right? It's about damn time.

Well, honestly I'm always surprised to see you, my dear new followers because in my mind no one reads this blog anymore these days. I'm so bad at addressing any of you, so I'd like to take advantage at this awkward "Guess who's back...back again...?@$*&" moment to say WELCOME TO MY BLOG and hope you find what you're looking for and not regretting following me...but if you are then I'd like to apologize because I suck at this nowadays and I don't blame you.

So now I'd like to post some cool (at least I think so heheh) mani I did a while ago, inspired by our mother earth.
 I used dabbing method using alcohol and 3 colors + white base
 Cool, no?


UKNailRunner said...

It's lovely! Do you have a link to the method for this - I'd love to try something similar out :D

Valens said...

This mani is sooooo cool!
You know, I've never used this method?! How is it?

xoxo from sunny Italy ;-)