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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Product Review: NYX Matte Lipsticks in Euro Trash & Strawberry Daiquiri

I trust NYX when it comes to lip products. Until recently I've been using their Soft Matte Lip Cream exclusively. I know some people don't like them for various reasons (mostly they can't get over the "It's a lip gloss, but why is it not glossy?" state). I, on the other hand, hate sticky and shiny glosses (I remember my fellow blogger Whitney called them jelly doughnut lips lol) so obviously I'm all about this product. Plus, they're uber pigmented and what's not to love? Read my review here, if you haven't tried them.

Now, I've been seeing these matte lipsticks on NYX display for quite a while now, but I was so content with the lip creams so I never got around to try them. All I know was they were good products, have wide selection of colors and of course, affordable. Gravitating towards the pigmented matte lipstick, I knew it was only a matter of time before I cave in and hoard them all.
Fortunately, I have decent self control this time around and only purchased 2 to try. The reason being, simply because I have too many lipsticks. The colors I've chosen are Euro Trash and Strawberry Daiquiri. Not sure if NYX had something in mind behind naming this line, but they seem to be quite random. I thought they were beverages-inspired (there are also Merlot, Bloody Mary) but then they have "Butter" ... so I was like,
lol idk
 Anyway, here they are
 Euro Trash: muted pink (has brown undertone)
Strawberry Daiquiri: peachy pink (has warm undertone)
For my NC37 ish skin, these two look really subtle on my lips despite how bright they may look in the tube. Euro Trash is gorgeous but I think the winner here is Strawberry Daiquiri. If you're about my skintone and want to try a semi-bright lip for the summer, try Strawberry Daiquiri (or Sierra, a tiny more orange compared to Strawberry Daiquiri).


Packaging (3/5): Sleek black plastic tube, easy to open, no hassle, overall very nice but nothing to write home about.

Texture (5/5): Pretty creamy and glides on lips very easily, unlike WnW Matte lipsticks which sometimes tug on your lips if you haven't moisturize. 

Performance (3/5): NYX Matte Lipsticks are actually not that matte in appearance when you just applied them but they do dry to a matte finish after a while. Not all the colors are buttery smooth like Euro Trash & Strawberry Daiquiri. Some are chalky and hard to work with.

Pigmentation (5/5): Just look at the swatches :) They're amazing.

Scent (4/5): No scent detected, which is a plus in my book.

Longevity (4/5): Pretty decent. Always use lip balm underneath.

Overall (4/5): Try them, at least one, to see how you like it. I think it's worth it especially if you're a fan of matte lipsticks.


Jessalyn Amie said...

Your blog is great!:-)

Carol said...

It looks amazing! I can't wait to buy one of these!

Unknown said...

You said I know some people don't like them for various reasons (mostly they can't get over the "It's a lip gloss, but why is it not glossy?" state).
It's a lipstick and not a gloss isn't it?

Thank you for your review. I wanted to see what Euro Trash looked like and it's gorgeous.

Shizznizzle said...

@Robyn: Yes, but I was referring to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which is although not a lipstick nor lipgloss, still has creamy liquid form in which people still assumed to be closer to lipgloss consistency. Thanks and you're welcome!!!!