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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Swatches & Review

Finally got around to review this product which was raved since last winter. I had to make multiple trips to various drugstores and also Walmart to find these because they never had the complete shades or even the ones I wanted. Now that I think about it, I'm quite certain these three were purchased at three different locations lol.

Maybelline Baby Lips are moisturizing lip balms and most of them are tinted or have colors in them. I picked the three most pigmented ones because honestly, I have too many unused clear lip balms lying around and did not need another one.

In terms of moisturizing property, I think they're pretty good. They're not the most moisturizing thing ever, but I do find them useful as a layering base whenever I feel like slapping my matte lipsticks. The pigmentation is mild, unlike Revlon Lip Butters I reviewed here...but I think they're not supposed to be overly pigmented in the first place anyway so I can't say I was disappointed at all.

The scents are fabulous, they're fruity and each balm has their individual scent according to the name. My favorite one out of the three is the Grape Vine because it smells just like grape popsicle :) The Pink Punch is the most opaque one, it has that cute baby pink color. Cherry Me is the most versatile one as it gives just a pop of color on your lips and is great under a nude lipstick if you don't want to look too "nude" if you know what I mean?

Here are the swatches:
 Grape Vine doesn't look as purple-scary as it does in the tube :P

They sell for about $3-$4 depending on the drugstores, I'd say try them if you haven't because they're pretty good and if you don't dig the tinted lip balms, they have the clear ones too and people have been saying they're also great and moisturizing.

Hope you find this helpful!


justltee said...

Hey girl!
I'm surprised these balms aren't getting enough love like the Revlon Lip Butters. I haven't tried these yet but definitely want to after seeing your swatches. I did, however, try the Revlon Lip Butters and I was just Meh about them. For being called "butters" you'd think they slip and slide real nice on the lips but I didn't find it moisturizing at all.
Thanks for the review!

Sara said...

Pink punch is so pretty! Looks more like a subtle glossy lipstick ^^