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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review & Swatch: theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

I came across this palette at TJ Maxx while casually browsing for random things I probably don't need more in my life (read: makeup, nail polish, shoes) and I was excited to find out that this particular palette was a Fall 2011 edition with the same exact colors of their The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow palette. The Muppet-themed palette was UBER limited since they apparently decided to only make 1000 of them. What a dick move. LOL JUST KIDDING.

Anyway, theBalm and the Beautiful Palette is soap opera themed and its case was designed with intention to resemble an old television. It's made out of cardboard box and magnetized.

Inside, the palette contains of 1 brush, 16 eyeshadows, 2 lip/cheek stains, and 1 lipgloss. Usually I dislike palette which has eyeshadows and lip products in the same place, because it's ALWAYS messy and ends up looking gross really fast. However, whoever designed this case had a brilliant idea to make a separate lid or the eyeshadows and the lip stuffs. THANK YOU, whoever you are!
If you see the middle part, that was where the brush 
was supposed to go but mine came without a brush 
(which was why it was on sale from $44.50 to $16
.....can I hear an "Amen?????")


  1. The Oil Tycoon: shimmery medium brown with red undertone
  2. The Estranged Mom: olive green with gold sheen
  3. The Supermodel: awesomely frosted coppery gold
  4. The Bad Boy: satin dark reddish brown with minimal gold specks
  5. The Southern Belle: cornflower blue with silver sheen
  6. The Mother-in-Law: deep gray with burgundy undertone  
  7. The Guy Who Died But Didn't Really Die: silvery taupe with satin finish
  8. The Mistress: metallic pewter
  9. The Stepbrother: metallic forest green with gold sheen
  10. The Coma Patient: pinky pale lilac with white shimmer
  11. The Police Man: shimmery sky blue  
  12. The Brain Surgeon: deep red-toned purple with satiny finish
  13. The Neighbor: frosty yellow gold
  14. The Stock Broker: shimmery white
  15. The Basket Case: metallic golden beige
  16. The Older Woman: pink champagne with white shimmer
Before I continue, can we stop for a moment and appreciate the humor behind the shade names? The Guy Who Died But Didn't Really Die The Basket Case made me chuckle whenever I open this palette up LMFAOOOO

- Swatched outdoor & under natural lighting -

The texture of these shadows are AMAZING. They're buttery soft, easy to blend and very-well pigmented. My favorites would be The Supermodel, The Mother-In-Law, The Step Brother, The Basket Case (lol) and The Brain Surgeon. 

Lips & Cheeks
  1. The Drama Queen (lip/cheek stain): coral red with watermelon color payoff -> love love love!!!
  2. The Perfect Man (lip/cheek stain): blue-toned pink with glossy finish (rather use it as lipgloss since it's shiny)
  3. The Evil Twin (lipgloss): pigmented creamy nude pink (awesome for smokey eye)

Overall I think this is an amazing palette to have with the color choices and its great quality. I personally enjoy the unique eyeshadow colors and the nice, wearable lip stains. If you could find it, I'd say grab it....AND GRAB IT FAST! 

Thanks for reading :)


AnaDeadMystic said...

so pritty palette
Kisses from Panama!

Pandora`s Box said...

That's a gorgeous palette. Love packaging and the quirky names too.

Phoebe Limanta said...

The palette has some gorgeous shadows in there!

Hope you're doing well hun :)

Shizznizzle said...

@Ana: thanks *mwah* :P

@Pandora's Box: love the names especially hehehe

@Phoebe: hey girllllllllll, I'm doing good.. what about you? looking gorgz as always ;)

Rocaille said...

I was just at Marshall's yesterday and they had some theBalm products, but the deals were nothing special and most things were just smashed to pieces. I'll have to check TJ Maxx though!

Marcelle said...

OMG!!! I'm so jealous that you get this palette. I've asked several online sellers to find this and they didn't get one! It got me into believing that this palette didn't even exist and here you are posting it.. Ahh, me want!!!

Moudy said...

It's really unique and yes, the each title for the color is simply cute ~ will improve your mood when use it.

Love your blog and following :)