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Monday, October 17, 2011

Product Review & Swatches: Revlon Lipsticks

I finally jumped into the Revlon lippy bandwagon and quite pleased with the quality. I got 4 Super Lustrous (in Creme finish) & 1 Matte lipstick.... they are all pigmented and glide on smoothly. The least favorite texture from the bunch would be Siren because it seems to be more drying than the others. I purposely wean off the nudes since I already had tons of them and during the colder seasons, I'd prefer to have darker lips anyway.

The colors I have:

  • In The Red (matte)
  • Cherries In The Snow (creme) 
  • Sassy Mauve (creme)
  • Berry Haute (creme) --> SUPER GORGEOUS & WEARABLE LAVENDER !!!!
  • Siren (creme)

So without further ado, here are the swatches:

On lips:

"In The Red" topped with NYX Round Lipgloss in "Deep Red" 

"Siren" worn

"Berry Haute" worn:



Eve said...

so so so pretty! and its especially looks good on your lips!
too bad i love siren the most and its the most drying!

Rocaille said...

Thanks for the swatches, Berry Haute is gorgeous, I need it! x

Angie said...

siren, berry, cherries are so gorgeous! i love your fotd with it too. these look so pigmented and nice! i want to try them now.

pandaphilia style

DonnaHsueh said...

Wow ... what great fall colors! I especially love Siren and Berry Haute! :)

Anonymous said...

wow siren looks like a completely different color on your lips than mine. mine has more of a dark orange tint.

Sarah S. said...

Siren is the prettiest!

markjoy said...

See, that's why I like swatches. I love your blog, I would have wanted those exact colors swatched. I wouldn't have purchased Siren on the label alone. It's my favorite swatch, and it looks even prettier on you! I am trying to remember, but are your lips pigmented?

markjoy said...

See, that's why I love swatches. I would have never purchased Siren by its label, but it looks gorgeous on you. I'm trying to remember, do you have pigmented lips? Great choice in colors, it helps to see all of those. Love your blog!!!

Shizznizzle said...

Kristy!!!! :) omg I remember you, how are you doing? Thanks for visiting my blog heheheh... Siren is in-your-face orange in the tube and to be honest if you build it up on your application, it could definitely reach that point. My lips aren't too pigmented but they do have some color (plus i'm Medium Tan skin) so perhaps on lighter colored gals Siren could look brighter. Having said that, I think it's a fabulous, wearable orange and you could tone it down by just dabbing the color and spread it around with your finger.

Anyway, good to hear from you again <3 take care, K !!!

Anonymous said...

your swatches are gorgeous, siren is my favourite :) thanks for posting! all colours look so good on u! x

Britney said...

Love these color of lipstick u got, i love siren so pretty , im a new follower and hope u can follow back

Anonymous said...

ooh la la~~ lips to die for! ;P

Smith Jone said...

Awesome... just incredible...