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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 2011 Favorite Summer Fragrance

Why yes, for those who have been wondering what has happened to me and this blog...

I know, it's been a while since my last post but I'm here to tell you that I just recently moved back to Hawaii (wooop wooooooop!) and am STILL settling in. To be honest, moving is such a pain in the derriere, everything is so hectic, time-consuming and in the end I always felt so poor once all done.

Not cool bro.

But that's life, right? At least here in Hawai'i the sun isn't as tormenting like the one in Florida and knowing how the people are in Hawaii, summer is all-year round.

And speaking of summer, since the season is almost ending (except for you, lucky Australian folks ^_*), I've decided to show you some fragrances I've used the most this year.

L'Occitane en Provence - Fleurs de Cerisier (Cherry Blossom)
cherry, freesia, black currant, lily of the valley, rose tree, amber, musk

This fragrance came out in 2007 and I've fallen in love ever since. I believe this is supposed to be a Spring fragrance but the sweetness yet fresh-vibe encouraged me to wear it all the way to Summer. If you think that this is yet another "Cherry Blossom" scent like what Bath & Body Works is fond to make flankers of, you are mistaken. In fact this doesn't like cherry blossom at all. The fragrance isn't all too floraly nor fruity, it's just about right. There's this hint of freshness out-of-the-shower feeling too which, I personally think, is perfect for Spring, although there were some of those days during Summer when I sort of smelled an apple cider note from this (lol). Nevertheless, it's a gorgeous, feminine, and "tame" fragrance that I could see many women would love. The only complaint I have, is that I wish it'd stay longer on my skin.

Chanel - Chance Eau Fraiche
citruses, cedar, pink pepper, water hyacinth, jasmine, teak wood, orris, amber, patchouli, vetiver, white musk

It's probably my most wearable citrus fragrance. I purchased this in Paris in 2009 during summer when I went on a tour with my family and ever since this fun fragrance reminded me of France. I loooooooove the flirty-ness that this perfume gives since the Eau Fraiche was dedicated to younger audiences. The notes are working together beautifully that in the end you can't simply pinpoint what are in there, except that it's fun, fresh, and free-spirited. 

Girard - Bali Sunrise
orange, mandarin, pear, lemon, grapefruit, lily, rose petals, night-blooming jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, velvety musks

I merely purchased this 2008 fragrace for the name :) but it surprisingly turned out to be a summer cocktail in a bottle. In the opening, Bali Sunrise is very fruity and heavy on the pear & citrus but as soon as it evolves, the floral notes started to emerge. This is a nice blend of fruity-floral fragrance without being too mainstream. I also like the fact that the ombre-colored bottle looks like a mango heheh.

Jennifer Lopez - Deseo
watery bamboo leaves, yuzu, bergamot, freesia, star jasmine, pink geranium flower, orange blossom, mimosa, warm amber, oak moss, musk, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, mineral accord

I was a proud user of Glow back in college and this would be the 2nd fragrance from J.Lo that I've tried. I'm at the point where I think most of celebrity fragrances smell the same with their fruity-floral candy-sweet bubbly personality such as *ehm* Paris Hilton *ehm* so when there is a gem or two, I would be surprised and kindly try it out. Deseo is surprisingly complex and sultry. The kind you wear on hot summer nights with your strapless gown, taking a romantic stroll along the beach line with your loved ones. The opening is citrusy from the Yuzu  and as it settles on skin, Deseo morphed into a sweeter woodsy scent. The floral notes are doing a good job of keeping the scent not overly woody and although it doesn't really evolve too much as it wears on the skin, this fragrance is quite unique and not offensive. The bottle is gorgeous too!

GUESS - Guess for Women
tangerine, bergamot, green apple,freesia, peony, muguet, peach, red fruit, magnolia flower, cedarwood, moss, skin musk, amber 

Despite of the helplessly tacky bottle, I really enjoy wearing this fragrance day or night. It's very vibrant, full of life, and makes me want to do something whenever I wear it. It may sounds weird but you should never underestimate what scents do to you, and this particular one does make me feel kind I can see why older women tend to stay away from this perfume because it's also sweet (but not in a Pink Sugar way) and we all know sweet translates young, but if you're brave enough and feel like you need a dash of fun juice, give this a try sniff. 

Kenzo - L'Eau Par Kenzo
lilac leaves, reed stems, mandarin, vanilla, water lily, pepper from guinea, white peach, amaryllis, blue cedar, floral musk, wild mint

If Chanel Chance reminds me of France, L'Eau Par Kenzo reminds me of Italy. I exclusively wore this perfume during my trip to Italy and whenever I sniff this, I was brought back to those hot sticky summer days in Tuscany. L'Eau Par is a daytime fragrance (the site mentioned it) and I can see why. It's just very fresh, aquatic and light. I love using this after working out because it gives me a boost and energy. 

Thanks for reading and if you'd like, please comment and tell me what's your favorite summer fragrance this year, since I'm always on a hunt for a new HG perfume :)

Have a good day & until next time! 


Candela said...

Inannn!! Skrg gw di Sydney loh. So Im one of those lucky australians, hahaha^^ Sebentar lagi panasssss... AKHIRNYA!!
Anyway for the fragrances, Im using exactly the same l'occitane & also exactly the same guess as you, hihihi^^ Guess that we have kind of similar taste, uh?

Pandora`s Box said...

May I say that you write beautiful perfume descriptions.Lovely collection. I really want to try the kenzo one.