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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swatches: New E.L.F Beauty Book

As I promised, here are the swatches of two palettes I got from Target. The colorful one is "Bright Eye Edition" and the other one is "Neutral Eye Edition". Each costs $5.00 and consists of 12 colors.

They remind me of E.L.F The Beauty Encyclopedia which I have reviewed here but I noticed some major differences in terms of color range and finish.

Neutral Eye Edition
 (Direct Sunlight)

As you can see from the picture, the top left color was a bitch to work with...I had to push and scrape and drag my finger on it for million times just to make it show up on my skin. Having said that the rest of the colors were pretty well pigmented, I can see myself using this palette a lot. The burgundy color is quite a nice addition of color although of course, it still stays in "neutral" category. I just wish the charcoal-almost black color to be less chalky.

Bright Eye Edition

(Direct Sunlight)
The purples and browns are absolutely gorgeous but HOLY SHIT THAT ONE DAMN COLOR I HETCHU RAWRGHHHH!!!! It was even worse than the naughty one in Neutral palette...this one just basically doesn't show up at all. I was so frustrated by it lol. This palette actually has a slightly better pigmentation than the previous one, I love the darkest color in bottom right corner, it's such a cool plumish black with multicolor glitter in it. 

Overall I think they are great to have, I know these palettes aren't the most pigmented out there but I actually like it for my reserved-lazy days when I don't feel like to be precise with my eye makeup, I could just swipe these colors on the go or just to play around with them without feeling guilty (coz they're dirt cheap ehehe).

Thanks for reading!!!


Sofia said...

awesome swatches!!

Jennifer said...

this is pure gorgeous-ness, thanks for the swatches!

Definitely Addicted said...

I'm really loving the brown on the far right in the middle row of the neutral palette!

Spliff said...

Birght eye edition looks really nice, but in Romania it doesn't. After i saw it in you blog i felt in love with this palette :X.