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Monday, November 2, 2009

Taglicious !!!

Hi ladies, how was your Halloween? Mine was sitting around watching Ghost Hunters Live LOL yeah, didn't feel like dressing up but I had fun watching my little neighbors running around with their costumes.

Funny story, a little girl came trick or treating dressing up with Barbie colored outfit & blonde wig, so I said "Nice costume, you're a Barbie right?" and she looked at me weird & replied "I'm Paris Hilton". *insert a WTF moment here"

....... yeah, kids these days.

Anyway I'm doing a tag from a last century (sorry, Blovet Beauty ^_^ I'm so bad at this!) but it's better late than never, right? So here's the first tag,

I've done this "10 random facts" tag before
but it's always fun to update =)

10 SUPER RANDOM facts about me

1. At the moment, I'm obsessed over Logan Neitzel. He was one of current Project Runway contestant and I don't know about you, but for me a clothing designer SHOULD NOT look as yummy as the model =D Well, unfortunately he does. Ready for the pic spam? Please feel free to click to enlarge, you'll know what I mean.

can we say EYE CANDY???? *slurp*

2. I hate people who are ignorant, racist, and those who push into lines.

3. I also hate being around smokers & loud drunks. Nothing good comes out of them.

4. I think all women should have curves, as my friend say "No curves, no swerves".

5. I really thought I was cool back in grade school. I wore slap bracelet & Dr.Martens boot everyday. Good ol'90s fashion, aye?

6. Never understand why sometimes people abuse the quotation marks, you know the gesture of quoting with your two fingers on both hands? Yesterday I saw a sign in in the market: "Fresh" Vegetables...... what does that mean??

7. My little sister is the funniest & nicest person in the whole wide world, the guy who will marry her is a one damn lucky guy.

8. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I can't brush my teeth with warm water. I love the minty cool breath & the tingles I got from cold water meets peppermint toothpaste, so warm water just kinda kills it.

9. I'm always on a search for my HG anti-acne remedy, having oily skin sucks.

10. I think I'm gonna be a great mom someday, at least I plan to =)

Second tag!

Where's your cell phone: on my 3 o'clock

Your hair: has its own mind

Your mother: strong

Your father: secretive

Favorite Food: chicken

Dream last night: I was on a bus making out with Nickhun. Really weird.

Favorite drink: lemon tea

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: stargazing, shopping

Fear: losing someone I love

Where were you last night: home

Something that you aren't: boring

Muffins: I don't really care for

Wish list item: China Glaze Matte Magic, Sleek i-Divine Palette, Calypso Mineral matte pigments, Tarte Treasure Chest

Where did you grow up: Jakarta

What are you wearing: my Family Guy PJ =)

Your pets: none but I plan to have a dog someday

Friends: will be there for you when you do something stupid, but a good friend remembers to bring a camera.

Something you're not wearing: condom. haha

Favorite store: Forever21 & Charlotte Russe

Favorite color: black (I know, it's not a color..but I love it still)

Last time you laughed: 5 seconds ago

Your best friend: Ai

Place you go to over and over: Ala Moana

Person who emails you regularly: mom

Favorite place to eat: at home

Until next time !!!


wuzzyangel said...

Yes oily skin does suck! And I'm sure you'll be a great mom! :) Haha slap bracelets! Yes!!

I watched GhostHunters Live too!! I was even online watching the live feeds! Such a dork right?! But I didn't see anything! I think everyone who hit the panic button is full of shit! LOL!

ps. Your pic is LOVELY!

xphoebelinax said...

oh mt gosh! i totally wanted to go trick or treating this year cause i've never done it before but everyone keeps telling me i'm too old for it :( hahah

that guy from project runway is totally delicious! yum yum yum!!!

Fifi said...

You look really pretty in the picture. And lol @ the little girl. Yeah, kids these days huh?

I hate being around smokers too. And I'm sure you'll one day be a good mother. :)

xphoebelinax said...

oh wow! you were way up north! :P i'm in bentley, near curtin :)

how come you moved??

LT said...

*raises hand*
I'm guilty of the overuse of quotation marks in posts. That is hilarious about the quotation marks on the fresh it's "supposedly" fresh...dang it, I did the quotation marks again!!

Too funny about the little girl.

I read on your twitter that Logan was kicked off! I haven't been watching because I've been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta which is also a favorite of yours too, right? ^_^ He is cute. He's gay, huh? All the cute ones are. There's one girl on there that kinda sorta looks like Kourtney Kardashian.

Nanzy said...


LOL I know, so many hits on that panic button..pretty sure people were just messing around or got their eyes too watery for staring at the screen too long


Nanzy said...

Hey Phoebe,

hahaha trick or treating never gets old, well if you're old enuff it's gonna be "drunk & treatin" hahaha

hey I 'almost' went to Curtin for college =D

Nanzy said...


hahah yeah, I almost replied her "that's the same thing" lol

Nanzy said...

LT !!

lmao that's ok if you actually "mean it". see? xP

OMG The Real Houswives, some loud old cheerleaders hahahahaa Yes that small girl named Shirin, she's so hyper & cute. She's gone too tho =(

Beauty Snap said...

I love Logan too!!! Did you watch the Models of the Runway after Project Runway, the model Fatma was obsessed with him LOL :) However I really liked Ramon.. his designs were cute, especially that yellow dress.

izumi said...

LMAO at the "fresh" vegetables..... quite shady sounding.

Blovet Beauty said...

better late than never!! i've been away and i just read ur post and I love ur first FOTD! ur hair !!! my gawd. Pls do a hair tutorial if u have time. sexy sexy!
I so want the sleek palette too.. heard too much gd stuff!
I've been watching some episodes of PR and I did notice that Logan Neitzel looked like a model... I think everyone has a crush on him !