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Friday, November 6, 2009

NOTD: Cute as a Button

Finally I found some time to practice my Konad *i'm still giggling while typing it, right LT?? LoL* and this time I used M16 plate with the buttons picture on it.

For the base, I used Savina nail polishes. I don't have picture of the actual bottle because my battery ran out before I took the pic. Anyway I got Savina polishes from my local Nordstrom Rack and it sells for about $4 per bottle.

Interesting fact, Savina has the same company who formulates China Glaze & Claire's nail polishes. I have to say they are pretty good and the pigmentation is just as nice as China Glaze. In fact, there are some possible dupe of China Glaze that you can find at Savina.

On my thumb nail I have Savina Lila and it's a gorgeous magenta purple that dries matte. It was pretty surprising because from the bottle I was expecting a creme finish but hey, I love mattes so it was surely a pleasant surprise.

The rest of my fingers I painted them with Savina Light Mist which is I believe can be a dupe of China Glaze Moody Blue or Nubar Baby Blue. I personally love this color, it's like a milky blue and it goes on smoothly. Pictures below are taken on different lightings just for a comparison.

So here's the finish look with Konad M16 plate, I used Konad White special Polish & L.A Colors Art Deco Nail Laquer in Dark Blue.

Hope you guys like them =)

*my heart goes to the family of all victims of the horrible Fort Hood shooting*


wuzzyangel said...

I know the Fort Hood incident was very sad. So much violence for no good reason.

Well your KONAD skillz are getting really good! :) The buttons are cute!! And the matte polishes are very pretty! They had a KONAD booth again at the Season's Best Craft Fair last week. I think every big craft fair is gonna have a KONAD booth now.

Askmewhats said...

that is so pretty! :) :) :)

xphoebelinax said...

oh my gosh those buttons are adorable! you should totally come do my nails! god knows i need it :P

Nanzy said...

Hey Wuzzy,

Thanks girl! I saw the Blaisdell sign of that craft exhibition hahaha how was it? And yeah that massacre at Ft.Hood is horrible, my bf's brother is in the Army so it was pretty emotional.

Nanzy said...

Hi Nikki,

Thanks so much!

Nanzy said...

Heya Phoebe!

hahahaha I'd love to paint your nails, just fly me up there LOL

LT said...

giggle, giggle

That is so cool! I like how you did a different color for the thumb. I'm totally copying that.

How do you stamp the buttons on? It's like a stamp and you just dip it in the polish? I have no idea!!!

Nanzy said...

hahahaah you giggle giggle!

actually the konad is like a plate with designs on it. what you do is brush a nail polish on the design you want, scrape out the excess, grab your stamp, stamp on that design & stamp it on your nails.

sounds crazy, right? hahaah but it's easier to understand if you watch video, i'm sure there are tons in Utube :D lol

Blovet Beauty said...

it isn't to find such a lovely blue! i really love ur cute button design!! u are so creative *-*

Anonymous said...

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Mischievous Mack said...

The button details are Adorable!!!!
And the blue on blue is super tasteful and pretty.