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Monday, October 12, 2009

Product Focus: Inglot Cosmetic

I am pretty lucky to be able to try this Polish brand makeup. I did international swap with a friend from Malta and Inglot is available at where she lives. I have heard news about how comparable Inglot is to MAC in terms of quality and looking at their store & product pictures HERE, I can tell that they're a one to watch.

Product & Review
Inglot has around 450 eyeshadows, 2o0 lip products, 250 nail colors, more than 20 eyeliners, and tremendous range of shades for face product. The cool thing about this company is that you can customize your own palette, which face & eye products can be mixed.

I received their Loose Pigment and 3 of their Single Eyeshadow Pans. The eyeshadows that I received are already in the trio palette and they are: #615 (beige vanilla color), #631 (olive green color) and #628 (golden orange color). The eyshadows apply smoothly, just like MAC and they blend like a dream.

The Loose Pigment I got is #63, a nice rusty orange color. The pigments remind me of MAC's, they're on coarser side but applies gorgeously when foiled.

I did only the pigment swatches but feel free if you're curious about the eyeshadows. Anyway, the pigments are applied dry, on top of black base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean) and foiled (wet). It's interesting to see how the color seem to change a little (less warm) on the black base. Foiling makes a huge different as it makes the pigment looks like a metal.

The last time I've heard they're available in NYC area but I'm not sure about other places. If you have Inglot store near you, I'd suggest to check it out at least for their quality. I do think this company is very promising and would love to try more of their product if I can find the stores around me.


Blovet Beauty said...

first time I heard of this brand!! the the colors are very pretty and the loose pigment color is great for warmer eye looks :)

Askmewhats said...

wow the loose pigment looks so pretty, looks like a MAC loose pigment :)

izumi said...

veeeery pretty :) i absolutely love the pigment foiled! talk about METALLIC!

wuzzyangel said...

Whoa pigmentation & sheen!! Very fall and metallic!! Pretty!! SO where's the FOTD?! LOL!

Blair said...

Oh wow, it looks gorgeous foiled!!!

LT said...

The foiled one looks the best! I've never heard of this company before. Great swap!

City Girl said...

I heard of this brand when I was living in NYC. Great review!